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Volusia County Animal Services Seeking Volunteers

Looking to volunteer your time and serve your community? Volusia County Animal Services may be just what you’re looking for. Animal Services is seeking volunteers to assist with a variety of functions – everything from lending a hand in the animal clinic and at public events to helping at pet shelters during declared emergencies. Volunteer with Volusia County Animal Services When it comes to volunteer … Continue reading Volusia County Animal Services Seeking Volunteers

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Pet Lifestyle: Winter Prevention

Q: “My husband and I spend the winters here in New Smyrna and the summers up in Michigan. We bring our sweet baby, Peanut, a Peek-a-Poo with us. When we lived up north during the winter we never needed to keep him on flea or heartworm medications, but have been told he needs it down here in Florida even during the winter. Is this really … Continue reading Pet Lifestyle: Winter Prevention

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Free Pet Food and Microchips Available to Public

Dog and cat owners in Volusia County will get a helping hand Saturday – free pet food and microchips, courtesy of Volusia County Animal Services and the ASPCA. The give-away is the county’s way of helping residents who are struggling to feed their pets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Free pet food and microchips available to the public on Saturday “We’re committed to serving the … Continue reading Free Pet Food and Microchips Available to Public

Is my Pet Overweight?

Q: “Help! My cat, Mr. Purr Pants, is so fat! He doesn’t exercise and justlays around the house or just looks out the window. He doesn’t eat a lot and only occasionally gets treats. I heard being overweight can make him sick. How can I make him lose weight?” A: Poor Mr. Purr Pants, you are not alone! This is unfortunately a very common issue … Continue reading Is my Pet Overweight?

The Importance of Heartworm Tests

Q: “Does my dog really need a stool sample checked every year and a heartworm test? Why would he have heartworms if he is on medications every month to prevent them? A: The short answer is yes. The reason your veterinarian is recommending annual testing is not only for your pet’s wellbeing, but also for the safety of you and your family. I frequently hear … Continue reading The Importance of Heartworm Tests

The EDGEfest 2020 season rolls on with Pet-A-Palooza

Do you love animals? We sure do – big ones, little ones, furry ones – we love them all! We, the city of Edgewater, have partnered with the Edgewater Animal Shelter and will celebrate animals of all kinds at the annual EDGEfest Pet-A-Palooza. February 22 from 10 AM – 2 PM @ Rotary Park The event will be held on Saturday, February 22, 2020 from … Continue reading The EDGEfest 2020 season rolls on with Pet-A-Palooza

Halloween Safety for Your Pet

In my family, as I am sure as in many of yours, our pets are included in all of our celebrations and holidays. I am already planning ahead and trying to decide on the best costume for my dog as she helps pass out candy this Halloween. She has been many different characters but my favorites are the homemade creative ones with family themes – … Continue reading Halloween Safety for Your Pet

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Best Dog Friendly Restaurants In Volusia County

Volusia County certainly isn’t lacking in delicious restaurants, but sometimes you don’t want to leave home without your furry best friend. These great dining establishments offer outdoor seating for you and your dog – some even have special dog menus. Here are the top five local spots to dine al fresco with Fido!  Best Restaurants to Eat with you Dog in Volusia County LULU’S OCEANSIDE … Continue reading Best Dog Friendly Restaurants In Volusia County

At-Home Pet Dental Care

Caring for Your Pet’s Teeth February was National Pet Dental month and I hope you all took advantage of this by getting your cat’s and dog’s teeth cared for with an annual dental prophylaxis (If not, don’t worry, there is still time during March to receive your discount!). In case you were wondering what you can do now to help keep Fido’s and Fifi’s oral … Continue reading At-Home Pet Dental Care