woman frustrated holding head with man next to her on couch

Can Your Marriage Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic?

I have friends that work and live together 24/7 and seem to do just fine. My husband and I have lived where we work several times over our 39 years of marriage. It’s not always a picnic, but it works for us.  We were really proud of ourselves during the lockdown. No arguments. We got along beautifully. Had long talks about our future and things … Continue reading Can Your Marriage Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic?

New License Plate Readers at the Airport

The Volusia County Council has approved the purchase of three license plate recognition (LPR) camera systems that will alert officials if stolen or wanted vehicles drive into Daytona Beach International Airport. The stationary systems will be posted at tactical vantage points around the airport, where they will read the license tag of passing vehicles to see if they’re wanted by law enforcement. With an instantaneous … Continue reading New License Plate Readers at the Airport

sea turtle washbacks in seaweed on sandy beach

Watch out for Washbacks!

Thousands of hatchling sea turtles are starting to emerge from the 880 nests that dot Volusia County’s shoreline. Many of these young turtles, entangled in seaweed, may be washed back to the shore by heavy surf and strong winds. The small turtles blend in with the seaweed, making them difficult to spot. Tragically, they may die of dehydration if they are left on the beach … Continue reading Watch out for Washbacks!

scatter of voting stickers on white table

Children can Voice their Vote at the Volusia County Public Library

Voting isn’t just for adults at the Volusia County Public Library! Throughout September, elementary-age kids can visit their local library branch, where they can register to vote, make campaign posters and stickers, and vote for their favorite character to be president of the children’s room. All 14 branches will host passive programs in the children’s rooms in September. Weekly videos will be shown on the … Continue reading Children can Voice their Vote at the Volusia County Public Library

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The Fate of 2020 Biketoberfest

On Wednesday evening, September 9, 2020, the Daytona Beach City Commission voted on the fate of the upcoming Biketoberfest event, held annually in Daytona Beach. The commission had concerns over whether or not to allow the event to be held this year, due to COVID-19. According to Biketoberfest.org, “Biketoberfest is not one event, but a collection of activities that take place at venues and businesses … Continue reading The Fate of 2020 Biketoberfest

Atlantic wellness center staff

INSIDE LOOK: Atlantic Wellness Center

At the Atlantic Wellness Center, you can expect focused attention from experienced professionals. Their expert staff has been helping patients rediscover and maintain their optimum health for over 25 years. They specialize in a non-surgical approach to focus on alleviating your pain from your very first visit.  Atlantic Wellness Center’s fully equipped, multi-functional facility allows them to target and help your painful conditions immediately.  Meet … Continue reading INSIDE LOOK: Atlantic Wellness Center

graphic of home inspection before storm

Hurricane Preparedness for Volusia

As Volusia residents enter the month of September, the most active month for hurricane season, now is the time to consider any last minute preparations to secure property. Remember, any severe storm can be deadly or destructive. According to Volusia.org, more than 4,800 homes, businesses and facilities were impacted by Hurricane Irma (September 2017). Many of those were still recovering from impacts of Hurricane Matthew … Continue reading Hurricane Preparedness for Volusia

Roe Heidt Garden construction patio

Garden Construction: A New Concept in an Outdoor World

It is estimated that there are over 250,000 words in the English language, and of those words three times that many meanings for each. That means there are thousands of ways that you can pair words together to create a brand new concept. This is exactly what local entrepreneur Roe Heidt did when opening his business, Heidt Garden Construction.  With an extensive background in landscaping … Continue reading Garden Construction: A New Concept in an Outdoor World

smiling baby in car seat on red background

Target Car Seat Trade-In is BACK!

Target will be conducting a car seat trade-in event from September 13 – 26, 2020.  Trade-in used car seats for big discounts at Target They will accept and recycle all types of car seats, including infant seats, convertible seats, car seat bases, harness or booster car seats and car seats that are expired or damaged. Materials from the old car seats will be recycled.  Guests … Continue reading Target Car Seat Trade-In is BACK!