Thai Mango Pad Thai for Two

INGREDIENTS INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Soak ¼ package of noodles for 30 minutes (until soft).Step 2: Heat wok on high heat, then add oil.Step 3. Add 2 eggs and stir to scramble eggs.Step 4: Add protein (sliced thin) and cook for 1 to 2 minutes.Step 5: While stirring, add the noodles and ½ of the bottle of Thai Mango Pad Thai Sauce, continuing to stir and … Continue reading Thai Mango Pad Thai for Two

knife and cutting block ready for chopping

Preparing Your Meals Ahead of Time

How to be ready to stay at home during the COVID-19 outbreak  Instead of panicking and buying anything and everything you can think of, be strategic and plan out the next couple of weeks so you are ready and prepared for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. Meal prepping isn’t as hard as you may think and can really help out during this time. Just … Continue reading Preparing Your Meals Ahead of Time