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Meet the East Coast Current Team

Co-Owners: Tiffany Evers & Kelsey Walters

East Coast Current was born in early 2015 after the co-owners, Tiffany Ever and Kelsey Walters, saw the need for a strong community-based media outlet in Volusia County. We went to print with our first publication in February of that year and are celebrating seven years in print this year, 2022. 

We strive to provide positive community news and events, with plenty of intriguing content our readers look forward to. Our team of writers are dedicated to Volusia County and what makes our community thrive.

We have a strong presence online and work hard to provide necessary community information.

When it comes to telling stories about great people doing great things in our community, we make sure to go right to the source.

We have continued to grow year after year because of the amazing support we have received from friends, family, local businesses and our incredible community. We now have our magazine in over 350 locations and print 10,000 copies per month. 

We strongly believe in giving back and work closely with several area charities to participate in events and sponsorships. Supporting other locals is one of the most important things we can do with our time. 

From community updates to fresh recipes, hilarious personal tales to the best fishing spots, our ECC family has grown to include some of the best and brightest voices in town. 

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Tiffany Evers

Editor-in-Chief / Co-Owner

386-314-8583 / ECCurrentEditor@gmail.com

Kelsey Walters 

Chief Financial Officer / Co-Owner

386-383-1336 / ECCurrentInfo@gmail.com

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