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The East Coast Current has two health columns featured every month. Below you will find the writers bios as well as links to their articles. Pick up a free copy of our Paperzine and stay connected with our community.

Sean Donovan

Sean Donovan

Sean Donovan is a long-time health and wellness advocate who has facilitated individual and corporate wellness programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching. He is passionate about helping others accomplish their goals and realize their dreams. Sean is also a published author of five books including “Health and Happiness: an owner’s manual for the mind and body” and he has helped many other aspiring authors write and publish their first books as well. For more info, feel free to contact Sean at or by phone/text at 386-451-0343.

Dr. Shawn Snow

Dr. Shawn Snow is a Chiropractic physician at Atlantic Wellness Center in New Smyrna Beach. With over 20 years experience as a clinician, he specializes as a sports physician. When Dr. Snow is not aligning spines, his other passions include surfing and fishing. If there are any health questions needing answered do not hesitate to contact him by calling 386-957-5556 or visiting

Dr. Justin Willis

Dr. Justin W. Willis

Dr. Justin W. Willis is a chiropractic physician who holds a certificate in electrodiagnostic studies. He is a former licensed massage therapist, health coach and rehabilitative fitness specialist who has committed to the lifelong learning of how to treat the body in a natural approach, and takes passion in educating those around him on how to live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.