A Different Kind of Grass

Everyone is talking about the health benefits of marijuana and CBD oil these days. In fact, I wrote an article titled “Pot or Not” in the April 2019 issue of ECC. But I now want to introduce you to another kind of grass that has brought me phenomenal health benefits over the last 20+ years. I’m talking about wheatgrass! 

The Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Since I’m vegetarian, people often ask me where I get my protein. My response is to ask them where they get theirs. Most people will proudly reply that they get their protein from eating beef. I then stump them by asking them where the cow gets its protein. The answer is grass. That’s right, cows are vegetarian and weigh an average of around 1,400 pounds – that’s a lot of protein, and it is all built by eating grass. So, my answer to them is that I get my protein straight from the source – I drink four ounces of freshly-juiced wheatgrass daily. Not only is it a complete protein, but it contains all the necessary amino acids that the human body needs. 

One ounce of wheatgrass juice is estimated to have the same vitamin and mineral content of 2.5 pounds of leafy green vegetables. When comparing “apples to apples” and wheatgrass to other fruits and veggies, ounce for ounce it has more vitamin C than oranges and more vitamin A than carrots. 

Nutrition of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is also packed full of minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. So, not only can you spare eating the cow for protein, but you can also pass on the milk for calcium – you get both in one shot of grass juice.

Wheatgrass is composed of over 70 percent chlorophyll, which carries oxygen to the blood. This oxygen-rich blood cleanses, heals and promotes a healthy, disease-free environment in the body. Studies have shown cancer immunity in oxygen rich environments. Wheatgrass is believed to be one of the strongest antioxidants known to man and can rapidly detoxify the body, particularly the liver. This translates into a great hangover cure as well. The increased oxygen content in the blood also promotes physical endurance and stamina. 

I have been drinking four ounces of wheatgrass juice a day for over two decades. I can honestly say that it is not the best tasting thing in the world, but my body craves it and has developed a healthy addiction to it. In fact, when I walk into the health food store and smell it being juiced, my mouth starts to water uncontrollably in preparation for what is about to come. 

Even though it really doesn’t taste great, it is a good idea to swirl the wheatgrass shot around in your mouth to mix it with the saliva. This begins the digestive process in the mouth and reduces the shock of such a strong antioxidant to the stomach. Wheatgrass also contains vital living enzymes which help the body with its metabolism and digestion. 

Some say the grass is always greener on the other side – I say the grass is greener on the inside. So, drink it up!

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