brilliant blue ocean water

Adventures of a Modern Pirate: March 2020

Across from us lay a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean as far as I could see. The ripples lapping the shoreline were crystal clear as if made of liquid glass. I saw through the water, past some fish, and to the sea bed. The air felt thick and fresh, almost tangible.  “Let’s hope developers don’t kill this island,” I said, unsolicited. My uncle and … Continue reading Adventures of a Modern Pirate: March 2020

pink and teal abstract painting

Right Coast Wahine: Art

Art is completely therapeutic. It is a way to express yourself without even having to use words and can help your mind escape from everything else that’s around you. Art is used to communicate all sorts of things like political or philosophical ideas and can even help open people’s minds to new things. In school, I am learning that the elements of art are known … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Art

Don’t Get In The Car With Strangers

Submitted by Jeffrey Lawrence Don’t get into a car with strangers; that is what we have taught our kids, yet in the US over 3.1 million people a day are doing just that by using Transportation Network Companies (TNC) like Uber and Lyft, or taxis, shuttles, public transportation or the most dangerous of all, “privates.”  With the myriad of transportation options, clearly not all are … Continue reading Don’t Get In The Car With Strangers

florida local new smyrna t shirts

The Florida Local Donates Portions of T-Shirt Sales to Help Locals

Feature photo by Philomena Polizzi  Local boutique and coffee shop, The Florida Local, will be donating $5 from every sale of their NSB Vernacular shirt (pictured below) to Foundation 37 which will be redistributing the funds raised back to NSB businesses and residents affected by closures due to coronavirus COVID-19. Although the shop is currently closed, the shirts are available to order online here. Locals are encouraged … Continue reading The Florida Local Donates Portions of T-Shirt Sales to Help Locals

locations for geocaching in the south

Geocaching: A Perfect Social Distancing Activity

Geocaching 101 I will never forget the first time I discovered geocaching. I was covering a story about a coastal clean up in Edgewater when I noticed a family of four scouring an area of George R. Kennedy Memorial Park like they had lost something they couldn’t live without. I watched the husband step up on a bench, reach up into the pavilion roof and … Continue reading Geocaching: A Perfect Social Distancing Activity

empty alcohol bottles in grass

Hangover: The Party’s Over

Was it Worth it? Regardless of who you are, if you have ever drank too much, you know how terrible a hangover can be. The overwhelming thirst, a spinning room, unimaginable fatigue and crippling nausea; they are the ingredients of a well-earned hangover. A hangover is nature’s way of telling you that you need to find a better hobby. Who in their right mind would … Continue reading Hangover: The Party’s Over