I’m On a Boat

The waters of Volusia County are some of the most fun places to play. The beautiful surroundings relax the soul and revive the spirit. The many access points, restaurants and businesses that cater to the boating community make it easy to get right down to the fun. But, like with all things awesome, you have to keep some things in mind to make sure you … Continue reading I’m On a Boat

Local Entrepreneurs Create a COVID-19 Resilience Plan

Like everywhere else in the world, the local economy in Southeast Volusia County has been decimated by the coronavirus. Until very recently, shops were shuttered, beach access was restricted and many small business owners found themselves on the rails.  Many businesses have awakened from their two-month slumber to find that the world has completely changed. Customers are slow to return, restaurants and stores are open … Continue reading Local Entrepreneurs Create a COVID-19 Resilience Plan

sandy beach with palm tree in front of blue waters with sailboat

Adventures of a Modern Pirate: June 2020

Despite the beauty of Rum Cay that lay before us, we could not ignore Mother Nature and her abrupt changes as there was a noticeable shift with the winds. The dark night had overtaken the island and became pitch black and blacker with each passing minute. Without warning, the winds became tangible, with a chill.  My uncle asked for rum. I took a quick sip … Continue reading Adventures of a Modern Pirate: June 2020

The Good Old Days

Do you ever think back to when you were a kid and what you used to do for fun? It seems like life was easier. It didn’t take a bunch of expensive toys and video games to keep you entertained. My parents made it easy for us; they would say, “Either you go find something to do, or we will find something for you to … Continue reading The Good Old Days

pink and blue skies over a seashell filled beach

June Fishing Guide

Text & Photos by Patrick “Tupat” Eichstaedt // @TheRealTupat Powered by: Off The Hook at Inlet Harbor & Tupat’s Hawaiian Seasonings and Poke Sauce After a few months off from fishing, a global pandemic and my near death experience, I am ready to return to my sacred backwaters of Bethune Beach. I have a renewed view on life and level of gratitude that words really can’t explain.  Fishing has been a part of my life … Continue reading June Fishing Guide

woman looks out at stormy sea

Comfort in a Storm

By now, Floridians have weathered many a storm. We have all gone over our checklists of basic survival supplies and know what to have on hand. But what about after that? With survival supplies covered, the days following a hurricane can still be miserable with long power outages. Here’s how to be a little more comfortable – before, during and after a hurricane.  1. Prep … Continue reading Comfort in a Storm