Weird Florida and Unusual Local Attractions – Volusia County

Text and Featured Photo by Sherry Taylor, Discover Maps of Daytona and NSB As the third most populous state in the country and second most touristed behind California, Florida gets a surprisingly kooky rap. Contrary to the sunshine state’s moniker and popular belief, mass heat stroke is not to blame. Weird stuff happens wherever people happen. Florida’s population has skyrocketed 11 times over 1940 census … Continue reading Weird Florida and Unusual Local Attractions – Volusia County

I Can’t Adult Today

While we are in the process of simplifying our lives, it has taken lots of work – both mental and physical, and I have never felt so worn out from all the “simplifying.”  We sold our house and moved into a friend’s house until our new house is built. My husband, David, changed his salon location to Venetian Bay, and took a part in the … Continue reading I Can’t Adult Today

Volusia Real Estate Outlook: Market Reality in 2021

Sellers and buyers are experiencing very different market conditions compared to pre-pandemic years. Volusia’s current housing market is a strong seller’s market with fewer new listings and a very tight inventory (active listings), particularly for existing single-family homes. Sellers are taking advantage of the home price increases. Buyers are taking advantage of the historically low interest rates. Although each customer has advantages, the market is … Continue reading Volusia Real Estate Outlook: Market Reality in 2021

destroyed home pile of debris after natural disaster

What to do After a Natural Disaster

By Mary Van Keuren, Image Credit: John Crux Photography/Getty Images There are few things in life as devastating as being affected by a natural disaster. From wildfires to hurricanes, natural disasters can cause widespread damage. Knowing how to start the recovery from a natural disaster can make a difference in how quickly you are able to rebuild your life and return to normalcy. Whether you … Continue reading What to do After a Natural Disaster

Buddy Davenport State Farm: 46 Years in the Making

There is something so special about living in a small town like New Smyrna Beach. From residents to business owners to visitors, there is a strong sense of community that holds us all together. A place where locals genuinely support locals, and the passion about protecting our little piece of paradise is at the top of everybody’s list.  It’s the type of small town where … Continue reading Buddy Davenport State Farm: 46 Years in the Making

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Photos by Kelsey & Scott Walters  Living in a peninsula like Florida, we are surrounded by water and ocean life, but it’s rare that we get to see the animals beneath the waves face-to-face. The Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota combines adventure with education to provide the opportunity to meet hundreds of marine species from in and around our coastal communities.  Mote Marine … Continue reading Somewhere Beyond the Sea

woman and two children lie on bed smiling

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it is one of my favorite holidays, obviously, because I am a mom. Every year, I try to look for different ways to celebrate my mother and show my kids how to celebrate me in different ways. So, when they grow up, I can forever be surprised with what they do for Mother’s Day.  I have this … Continue reading Celebrating Mother’s Day

Chasing Waterfalls at Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

Photos by Kelsey & Scott Walters  When you picture a Floridian landscape, what do you think of? Perhaps sandy beaches, sprawling flatlands…maybe some wooded forests?  Rolling hills and tumbling waterfalls probably didn’t come to mind, right? In Williston, just south of Gainesville, you’ll fi nd just that. Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens is a gardener ’s dream project over 100 years in the making.  Cedar … Continue reading Chasing Waterfalls at Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens

Catch Me Outside…

…at a Sanford or DeLand Indie Market, that is. I’m so glad the market season is back because the weather is perfect, the food is yummy, the drinks are flowing and live music is my absolute fav. These markets will also give you a chance to support local artists and shop from a variety of unique, creative and original crafted items such as vintage collectibles … Continue reading Catch Me Outside…