Volusia Businesses & Employers: Plan, Prepare and Respond

Local business owners and employers can access Volusia County’s Division of Economic Development at http://www.FloridaBusiness.org to find updated interim guidance for helping to prevent workplace exposures to acute respiratory illness in non-healthcare settings, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The resources are provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States Department of Labor and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration … Continue reading Volusia Businesses & Employers: Plan, Prepare and Respond

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Preparing Your Meals Ahead of Time

How to be ready to stay at home during the COVID-19 outbreak  Instead of panicking and buying anything and everything you can think of, be strategic and plan out the next couple of weeks so you are ready and prepared for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. Meal prepping isn’t as hard as you may think and can really help out during this time. Just … Continue reading Preparing Your Meals Ahead of Time

Outdoor Things to Do in Florida that Allow Social Distancing

All Photos/Text by Kelsey Walters By now we have all heard the reccomendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and the Florida Department of Health to help tamper the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. These include self-isolation and social distancing. What is Social Distancing? Social distancing refers to the act of making a conscious effort to avoid and reduce human-to-human contact by keeping a reasonable … Continue reading Outdoor Things to Do in Florida that Allow Social Distancing

Home on the Range

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park – FL’s First State Preserve  All photos by Kelsey Walters If you’ve ever visited the Gainesville area, or even just driven through, you may have noticed a huge expanse of undeveloped land.  Things to Do Outdoors in Florida The sleepy little town of Micanopy, located just south of Gainesville, is home to an array of antique stores and quaint cafes…as … Continue reading Home on the Range

Let it Grow! 5 Easy Veggies to Grow on your Counter

By Katie “Swiss” Britt Produce is so easy to waste. What are you going to do with those little scraps?  Just tossing the scraps seems to be the simplest thing to get your kitchen cleaned up, but all it takes is a little water and those scraps can grow you more of what you just bought. The end result is shaving dollars off of your grocery … Continue reading Let it Grow! 5 Easy Veggies to Grow on your Counter

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The Recipe of Love

We are about to be surrounded with the annual celebration of love.  For those who are wanting, looking, perhaps even searching for love, here are the “ingredients of life” you can focus on.  A weekly infusion of live music  A regular visit to your personal place of serenity  A daily dose of personal worthiness  A sprinkle of positive expectations  Eagerly watch daily for glimpses of … Continue reading The Recipe of Love

Right Coast Wahine: Skateboarding

The water’s already chilly and some mornings I can see my breath. Finally, the perfect time for me to whip out the skateboards and practice on something new! I’ve been taking the time lately to hit up some of the local skateparks to pick up some new things. Anytime I’m bored or I am in the mood to learn more, I take out my skateboard … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Skateboarding

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Adventures of a Modern Pirate: February 2020

I was excited to get this adventure started, when I heard Peter explain cheeseburgers were called for before heading back. He had to get the big broad back to Chalk’s and would return as soon as he could. My uncle and I didn’t blink an eye, as we knew the drill, but cheeseburgers first! We walked the short distance to Port Nelson, where to my … Continue reading Adventures of a Modern Pirate: February 2020

Color Me Crazy

Crayola Experience – Orlando Photos by Kelsey and Scott Walters My daughter, Avery, is turning two this month, and like many kids, she loves to color. In fact, she’s so obsessed with coloring and art, she rolls out of bed most mornings and asks to color before she even asks for breakfast. Family Things to Do in Central Florida Luckily, nearby Crayola Experience Orlando is … Continue reading Color Me Crazy


Our thus far mild winter is creating the perfect weather to get outdoors and play! Volusia County has no shortage of parks and playgrounds, but here are the top five awesome spots that local parents and caregivers rely on to expend their kids’ energy!  Each place featured below was voted as the BEST by ECC Facebook Fans. Be sure to “Like” our page to participate … Continue reading Ask A Local: BEST PLAYGROUND IN VOLUSIA COUNTY