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Photos by Kelsey Walters // Interview by Tiffany Evers

Q: What inspired you to open Madcap’s in New Smyrna Beach?

A: I actually got my start producing comedy shows in New Smyrna Beach. I had already been performing comedy, but I had never produced my own shows. Years ago, Mike, the owner of Off The Hook restaurant, gave me that opportunity every Friday night. Amy Stewart, who was managing at the time, also helped make that happen. Funny thing is, Amy now works for Madcap’s! 

Life eventually took me back to the Orlando area where I am from. I then opened my first comedy club in the downtown historic district of Sanford, Florida. I loved that club… then COVID hit. The results of COVID shutdowns killed that club in less than six months and I lost everything. It was around that time I decided to move to NSB. NSB is now my home and has been for sometime now. Living here was a dream of mine for a long time. Opening a comedy club was also a dream of mine. Although I lost the first one due to the pandemic, I kept the dream and hope alive. I kept producing comedy shows in NSB. Some may remember coming to an outside show at a little beach house where we turned my balcony to a stage and guests brought their own lawn chairs. 

Shortly after, a good friend, Amy Childs from Springhill Suites Marriott, and I worked a deal to use their ballroom on various Saturdays for comedy shows. I am so very appreciative to her, Jamie (the general manager) and Randy (the owner) for allowing those shows to happen. They helped keep my dream alive while also allowing me to further test the comedy possibilities in NSB. 

Soon after, I was also hosting shows at Traders on Friday nights. I am also very thankful for Renee Holmes, owner of Traders, for those shows. I eventually believed that a comedy club could and would sustain itself in NSB. I love the quaintness of our little beach town and I didn’t want to disrupt that, but I also believe some more diverse entertainment options are needed here. And well, that is my business that started as just a dream. I am so grateful to the people of NSB for their continued support. I could not do this without them, our amazing staff – Jack, Max, Amy, Christina and Andy; and especially my business partner, Jamie Romero. I often say a comedy club is nothing without the audience that supports it, the staff that runs it and the comics that perform. Without that perfect trinity, it’s just a building with a stage.

Q: How do you find the comics you book? 

A: In comedy there are tiers that comedians strive to achieve. You have your “open mic’ers,” who are generally just starting out and are trying to build their “tight 5,” their best 5 minutes. They eventually become “Guest Spotters” or “Openers” doing a range from 5 to 10 minutes. From there, the second most difficult step is to become a “Feature.” These comics typically open for headliners with sets from 15 to 30 minutes. They hope to eventually have their 45 to 60 minute set down to perfection in order to become a “Headliner.” 

Many times, headliners bring their own features on the road with them. If they do not, we also book the feature. We get our features from our Comedy Battle Show we host every Wednesday. We ONLY book features and headliners for our weekend shows. Some are booked from knowledge and having seen them perform. Some are recommended by other comic veterans we trust. Others we book through agents and based on credits. Credits are places they have been seen or heard such as Netflix, Comedy Central, TV, movies, etc. We are also consistently contacted by comedians from all over the country looking to get on the Madcap’s stage. We are always on the lookout for the rising stars, and up-and-comers. The one thing we do our best to make sure of is to put on a hilarious and memorable show with the talent we book. We are grateful for all the comedians at any level that take our stage. 

Q: Do you ever have an open mic night where you let anyone come on stage? How do you sign up? 

A: We do a version of an Open Mic on Thursdays. It is called a “Comedy Showcase.” A typical showcase consists of 5 to 15 or more comics all performing 3 to 10 minute sets. This type of show showcases open mic’ers, guest spotters and occasionally features. We allow those just starting out, or first timers to be on this show. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. and we lay out the sign up sheet at 7 p.m. All you have to do is sign up before showtime. Keep in mind if you arrive too late, you may not go up due to the list being full. My advice is to arrive early to ensure stage time, and make sure you know what it means when you “get the light.” 

Q: Will 2022 bring any new changes to the club?

A: Starting in January we will be hosting a Clean Comedy Hour once a month on Sundays. Also once a month Sundays we plan to reveal our Comedy and Concert Series where we are hosting live comedy and music performances together, on an outside stage, during the day followed by headline musical and comedy performances inside in the evening.

Stay connected to us via Madcap’s Comedy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, sign up to join our email list when buying tickets at for special discounts, free tickets and new show announcements. 

VIP Memberships: 

Become a season ticket holder by signing up for the VIP Memberships. Benefits include: reduced ticket pricing, you pick your seats and they will always be your seats, you will have a ticket to every show with the ability to share them with anyone you choose, you never have to worry about shows being sold out and you get VIP access. The membership is for one year and includes 50 weekends of headline shows. The discount is 20 percent off each ticket, and when bigger name comedians come to town, the adjusted ticket price does not affect you. You would also get 15 percent off any Wednesday or Thursday show, if you choose to attend. 

Memberships also include VIP access with a meet and greet with the comedians before the show, access to podcast productions on Fridays (shows start at 5:45 p.m.), access to after parties (after the late show on Saturdays), early entry to every show and never having to wait in line to get in. Simply walk up to the left side of the entrance door, show your VIP card and get instant access. They can even have your drinks or bottle waiting for you on your reserved table. 

50 Weekends @ $25/Ticket = only $1,000 ($250 in savings) – Save $500 if you buy two memberships. 

Weekly Specials: 

WEDNESDAYS COMEDY BATTLE SHOW: 7:30 p.m. $20 INCLUDES ALL YOU CAN DRINK! Two rising stars of comedy compete to win cash and a feature spot on one of their big weekend headliner shows! You are the judge and $20 tickets include all you can drink. *21+ only show 

THURSDAYS STAND UP COMEDY SHOWCASE: 7:30 p.m. stand up comedy’s up-and-comers, rising stars, features and sometimes headliners on stage making you laugh! $20 tickets include all you can drink. *21+ only show 

FRIDAY HEADLINER COMEDY SHOWS: Two shows a night – 7:30 p.m. early show and 10:00 p.m. late show (See Calendar). They book the best headliners in the business, including national touring comics and local headliners. 

SATURDAY HEADLINER COMEDY SHOWS: Two shows a night – 7:30 p.m. early show and 10:00 p.m. late show (See Calendar). In case you missed their Friday shows, Saturday gives you one more day to see the hilarious talent they bring to the stage. On Saturdays after the late show (12 a.m. – 2 a.m.) they host live musical performances, ranging from acid jazz, 80s music night, beach reggae and folk rock. 

SUNDAY, MONDAY & TUESDAY: Closed or available to host your private comedy show for your business, employees, clients or family. Contact Madcap’s to book your private comedy show or event. 

Upcoming Shows:

Madcap’s Comedy Club

109 N Causeway, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169

(407) 416-2326 MadcapsComedy

Instagram: @MadcapsComedyClub

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