woman in tie dye bikini against rocks

Harkening back to its roots in the 60s, tie-dye makes a triumphant return, proving that its vibrant allure has never truly faded away. This iconic pattern, closely associated with the free-spirited hippie movement, has evolved into a captivating fashion statement, now elevated to high fashion realms. Brace yourselves as tie-dye takes over the virtual aisles of every online store and your most beloved retailers.

This summer, unleash your inner artist and embark on a DIY adventure, experimenting with a myriad of textiles. Let tie-dye enliven an array of clothing pieces, from flirty slips to sleek blazers, and why not venture into the realm of bold footwear as well? Embrace the boundless possibilities and infuse your personal style with the rebellious charm of tie-dye.

Blog/Photo/Stylist: Danielle Napolitano // Models: Jasmine Nicole Hall


BIKINI @PurpleVelvetfox 

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