Obsession with Reflection

Prepare to be spellbound by the radiant world of metallics! This season, the fashion realm is ablaze with an electrifying obsession, and it’s all about embracing the dazzle of metallics. From runway extravaganzas to red carpet galas and the trendiest sidewalks, metallics have set the style scene ablaze. What’s more, this time around, it’s not merely about silver but a whole spectrum of electrifying shades. … Continue reading Obsession with Reflection

Red Hot

Each new season ushers in a unique color sensation that ignites the fashion scene, and this time around, it’s the captivating allure of cherry red. It’s almost as if every TikTok fashion influencer has fallen red over heels with this vibrant shade, and honestly, who can blame them? Whether it’s the confidence and edge exuded by stunning red leather pieces or the attention commanding elegance … Continue reading Red Hot

Lilac Dreams

Lilac has gracefully taken the fashion world by storm, captivating the creative inspiration of fashion enthusiasts and designers alike. This soft pastel shade, nestled between lavender and pale purple, effortlessly complements various clothing pieces, accessories and makeup looks. Whether it’s a flowing dress exuding whimsical elegance or a tailored suit radiating confidence, lilac purple adds a touch of grace and sophistication to any ensemble. Embrace … Continue reading Lilac Dreams

Barbiecore: Embracing the Vibrant Glamour of a Style Icon

Stylist • Photo • Blog: Danielle Napolitano IG: @Danielle_Napolitano_Stylist // Model: Faith Irving IG: @faith_irving  Summer sizzles with an irresistible new trend that has the fashion world buzzing – it’s time to embrace BARBIECORE! The runway is set ablaze with vibrant hues and particularly hot pink accents, accompanied by a delightful array of playful accessories that infuse every outfit with fun and glamour. As we … Continue reading Barbiecore: Embracing the Vibrant Glamour of a Style Icon


Harkening back to its roots in the 60s, tie-dye makes a triumphant return, proving that its vibrant allure has never truly faded away. This iconic pattern, closely associated with the free-spirited hippie movement, has evolved into a captivating fashion statement, now elevated to high fashion realms. Brace yourselves as tie-dye takes over the virtual aisles of every online store and your most beloved retailers. This … Continue reading EVERLASTING TIE-DYE

woman with dark hair, sunglasses and blue lipstick in a rainbow sweater


It’s official…fashion has gone over the rainbow. Dazzling Rainbows Steal the Spotlight: Embrace the Retro Glam of the 70s! Prepare to be mesmerized as rainbows take the fashion world by storm, gracing the catwalks and flooding our Instagram feeds with kaleidoscopic delight. This sensational 70s-inspired trend has transcended all boundaries, covering every fashion element from rainbow knits, tees, and dresses to eye-catching accessories and even … Continue reading TASTE THE RAINBOW

Shady Summer

Hey, fashionistas! Get ready to rock the scene with some sizzling rectangular, oversized sunglasses that are about to set this summer on fire! They bring a fantastic Y2K vibe that will take you on a nostalgia trip. Embracing the groovy 70s trend, these shades are all about fun and playfulness, featuring tinted lenses in a rainbow of vibrant hues. Whether you’re rocking a casual outfit … Continue reading Shady Summer

Denim Reinvented

Join me in exploring the current obsession with denim fashion, although it seems like this trend has always been a staple in our wardrobe. This season, designers are taking denim to the next level by experimenting with unconventional styles. From upcycling to intricate detailing, denim is being transformed into trendy shapes and sizes from top to bottom. As showcased in the accompanying image, the denim … Continue reading Denim Reinvented

Silky Smooth: Adding Silk Scarves to your Wardrobe

Summer’s hottest closet staple and favorite vacation piece this season is the silk scarf. Silk Scarves are HOT this Summer! It’s safe to say the silk scarf has been trending for centuries and it’s fashionably making its way around the runways, celebrities and influencers all over the internet. The silk scarf is being used in more ways than one. Besides the three styles shown in … Continue reading Silky Smooth: Adding Silk Scarves to your Wardrobe