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Discover the endless benefits that Prime IV Hydration & Wellness has available. Their IV Therapy infusions are administered in as little as 30 minutes, and you begin to feel the effects immediately with 100 percent absorption and complete rehydration. Managed by proficient medical professionals, their IV therapy is not only safe but is also highly effective and, not to mention, fast-acting.


Their proprietary blends of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and IV fluids are infused directly into the bloodstream, giving your cells rapid access to the nutrients required for healing. When taken orally, you can lose up to 80 percent of the vitamin’s nutritional value. In order for nutrients to reach the cell and work effectively, they must be absorbed. Many people suffer from vitamin deficiencies or are unable to absorb nutrients correctly. With IV Vitamin Therapy, your nutritional balance and health will improve significantly. Say goodbye to entire days wasted feeling hungover, lethargic, jet lagged or recovering from strenuous exercise and activities.


Depending on the infusion, some patients get an IV up to twice a week. You have the option to do weekly, biweekly or monthly treatments. Prime IV recommends getting an IV when you feel the need to boost your energy levels, travel frequently or just want to get back to your normal, productive self. 


Most people notice increased energy. Some people report a vitamin taste in their mouth and strong vitamin smell in their urine, but that’s totally normal. That is how the body eliminates the nutrients once the body metabolizes them. You may see dramatic effects after the first IV depending on your nutritional hydration status.


Supplements taken orally have to pass through the GI tract; your body is only able to absorb up to 20 percent of the nutritional value. IV Therapy infusions are administered in as little as 30 minutes, and you begin to feel the effects immediately with 100 percent absorption and complete rehydration.


Typically, no. If needed, a numbing spray can be used to numb the area so you don’t feel anything. The needle used is a very small needle and is well tolerated by most people.


IVs take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the infusion. The goal is to administer your infusion at a safe and comfortable rate within a relaxing environment. Your first appointment will take longer because the medical staff will go over your intake forms and discuss your wellness needs to ensure they are taking the very best care of you.


Prime IV has a licensed physician, a Medical Director, who oversees the operations of IV administration. One of their professional, licensed and skilled IV specialists will administer and monitor you while receiving your infusion.


It’s pivotal to stay in control of your health on an ongoing basis. A Prime IV Membership makes it easy to stay at optimal levels of hydration and nutrient input month after month.

Monthly Drips: Commit to optimal hydration at least once a month. Select from a variety of great drips as a part of your membership.

Rollover Sessions: Miss a treatment? No problem! Your credit will be rolled over into the next month.

Booking: You can easily book your IV Therapy online or simply call to get scheduled and find answers to any questions you may have. 


Ask yourself, “Do I want to feel better, look better or perform better?” If you answered feel better, it could be because of fatigue, seasonal allergies, migraines or joint pain. If you answered to look better, it can help with assistance in weight management, cellulite, premature aging, dry skin and wrinkles. If you answered perform better, it could be because of muscle pain, exhaustion, injury recovery or muscle cramping. 

The Pure Hydration: The most vital element in your body is water. This IV is equivalent to drinking 2.5 gallons of water! With 1000 CCs of fluid and electrolytes along with your choice of 1 additive, the drip is a great pick-me-up! 

Fight Fatigue – The Revitalizer: Have you been feeling tired or run down and can’t seem to get back your vitality no matter how much sleep you get? The Revitalizer lives up to its name. This powerful drip will have you back on your feet and ready to take on the day in less than an hour! 

Athletic Performance: Are you a competitive athlete, avid runner, cyclist, weight lifter, yoga master, or all around weekend warrior? If so, you may have noticed, sports drinks rarely cut it. Dehydration can be serious, and provoke changes in cardiovascular, metabolic and central nervous function. Dehydration can result in muscle cramps, dizziness, headache or even more serious symptoms. With even mild dehydration, athletic performance can be impaired. They have two proprietary cocktails to match your activity level! 

The Weekend Warrior: Designed for athletes needing to be re-hydrated and revived. The blend of B-vitamins, electrolytes and performance-enhancing amino acids will help relieve your fatigue and power you through to your next workout. When you don’t have time to feel run-down and lethargic, get revived with “The Weekend Warrior!” 

The Champion: Based on latest research and clinical experience, this infusion delivers fluid hydration, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which can provide the performance and recovery boost that surpasses anything else on the market. 

Anti-Aging – The Glow: If you are looking to rejuvenate your outward appearance, hydrating from the inside out is far more effective than creams and topical products. Reduce wrinkles, dry skin, skin blemishes and age spots. Improve circulation and thicken the dermal layers of the skin to give you that healthy “glow” of youth. 

Hangover Recovery – The After Party: When you’ve had a few more than you intended to, you might find yourself with a headache, body aches, fatigue and overall dehydration. They give you the ability to rehydrate quickly and detoxify the liver and body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which can rapidly restore your vitality and energy. 

Weight Loss – The Skinny Drip: Jet propels your weight loss with this fat blasting treatment that will help your body increase energy and burn fat with a high dose of B-complex vitamins, B-12, minerals and fat-burning amino acids! These lipotropic compounds encourage the body to break down fat stores, mobilizing them into your bloodstream to be used for energy. More than just for burning fat, the IV’s proprietary blend helps suppress appetite and increase lean muscle mass for maximum assistance with your weight loss regimen. Activate your weight loss with “The Skinny Drip.” 

Sun & Heat Recovery – The After Burn: For those who love to have fun outdoors, excessive sun exposure is all too common. Whether you’re dehydrated, sunburnt, overheated or all of the above, this drip will give you relief, revitalization and promote recovery. 

Q&A with Owner, Stacia Politowicz

(pictured on right above)

1. What inspired you to open a location in New Smyrna Beach? 

After owning a Direct Access Healthcare business in Orlando for over 10 years that also offered vitamin injections, I became very interested in Vitamin IV Therapy and the many benefits it provides. So much so that I began doing IV treatments for my digestive issues and had immediate results. NSB wasn’t a hard decision for me as we have a family condo here and spend most weekends here. I felt NSB would be an ideal location for this concept and it has proved me correct. The response has been amazing! 

2. Which IV treatments do you personally use and why? 

This is a hard one for me… I love them all. Our treatments are essentially designed to be a “lifestyle” to health. Each treatment offers something different and direct to your unique situation and need, at that time. But here are the Top 5: The Immunity Armour – The power of our high dose vitamin C, Zinc and other immune supporting nutrients (only tolerated at those doses in an IV) are proven to help boost your immune system, help shorten the duration and decrease symptoms of your cold/flu. We suggest adding a Vit D injection to maintain that immune support! The After Burn – with summer at our door it’s easy to get caught out in the sun longer than we expected – dehydration can lead to some real discomfort and pain. This treatment soothes the skin, reduces redness and shortens the duration of a sunburn while repairing sun damage to the skin. The Myers is super effective and has been around for over 30 years! This treatment touches on a little of everything with its rich, high doses of Magnesium Sulfate, Calcium, B Complex, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C. A go-to for migraines, menstrual cramping, illness and disease. Add Glutathione to this treatment to fight free radicals and support cellular repair from the inside out! My next two favorites are the Glow and Skinny Drip. The Glow addresses anti-aging with a high dose push of Glutathione. This master antioxidant combined with Vit C are your go-to for cellular repair and transportation to the brain. This treatment also includes a Biotin Injection for hair skin and nail growth! The Skinny Drip – Helps get you bikini ready which decreases the appetite, curbs cravings, increases your energy and metabolism to give you a perfect boost to compliment a healthy diet and exercise. When you need motivation – this drip delivers! Follow up weekly with a LipoLean/Skinny shot to support that momentum! 

3. What are the biggest misconceptions about IV therapy? 

A lot of people believe that IV vitamins do not work and you just pee them out, when really they are bypassing the GI tract, where you can lose up to 80% of the nutrients you ingest. With an IV you get them absorbed 100%, every time! Yes, there are those who support a more western approach of chemical treatments over essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids (nutrients) to aide in better health and recovery. Research is proving that high dose nutrients are making an impact and being used more and more to avoid chemical drugs interactions with other medications that usually lead into additional side effects that in turn require more meds! 

4. There are so many ways IV therapy can help an individual. Do you offer personal consultations to help guide new customers to the right package? 

We offer a consultation before each treatment that way our RNs can help guide you to the right treatment and make suggestions on nutrients that will benefit you most to reach your goals. It is very important that your provider be knowledgeable in nutrient therapy – while some nutrients may have a different effect than what you desire, as well as making sure all contradictions are being noted (things like medication use and health issues). We do our best to tailor our treatments in such a way that you are getting the most out of your treatment. Treatments start as low as $69 for your first visit. Our highest priced treatment that contains 6-10 additives is just $150. Memberships are the way to go if you are choosing IV fluid /nutrient therapy on a regular basis over oral supplementation. Our memberships are designed to give you options on how you are feeling the day of your treatment. They include injections to sustain you in between your IV infusions, to keep you performing at your optimal best while saving you money. Our IV spa is very unique, we are not the “cookie cutter” IV bar – our goal is to provide you an experience with your treatment so you can relax while absorbing high dose nutrients. All first time clients and members get the VIP experience in our zero-gravity massage chairs. The benefits of massage while receiving IV therapy are amazing, and deliver prompt results that you can see and feel in yourself! 

A second location is scheduled to open in June 2021 at 28 W. Granada in Ormond Beach. Watch for announcements on their facebook page.


Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sunday: Appointment Only 

*Face masks are worn by staff and required for all customers. 

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