The Empowering Women Signature Event is set to take place at the Brannon Center in New Smyrna Beach on Wednesday, March 29, from 7 – 9 p.m. The featured guest interview is with New Smyrna Beach’s own Suzy Toronto!  Suzy is a best-selling artist and writer. Her distinctive artwork and inspiring words celebrate life, family and the special bond between friends. Her signature drawings can … Continue reading EMPOWERING WOMEN SIGNATURE EVENT COMES TO NSB

INSIDE LOOK: Prime IV Hydration and Wellness

426 Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach 32168 (386) 428-4848 PrimeIVhydration.com Discover the endless benefits that Prime IV Hydration & Wellness has available. Their IV Therapy infusions are administered in as little as 30 minutes, and you begin to feel the effects immediately with 100 percent absorption and complete rehydration. Managed by proficient medical professionals, their IV therapy is not only safe but is also highly … Continue reading INSIDE LOOK: Prime IV Hydration and Wellness

healing well studio team

Healing Well Studio of NSB

Healing Well was created with the intentions to offer a serene and safe place for people to come and receive alternative healing. Clients can expect to receive compassion and guidance regarding their needs for treatment. While clients are here they will experience a depth of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Helping clients understand that they have the ability to assist in their own healing … Continue reading Healing Well Studio of NSB

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Can Your Marriage Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic?

I have friends that work and live together 24/7 and seem to do just fine. My husband and I have lived where we work several times over our 39 years of marriage. It’s not always a picnic, but it works for us.  We were really proud of ourselves during the lockdown. No arguments. We got along beautifully. Had long talks about our future and things … Continue reading Can Your Marriage Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic?


*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the East Coast Current. What a crazy year we’ve had so far. 2020 has given us the worst pandemic in over 100 years, and the resulting quarantine/shutdown has created a global economic crisis. It’s truly a scary time, in which a lot of people … Continue reading Immunity

Hydrate to Eliminate & Rejuvenate

Our bodies are supposed to be composed of 70 percent water and, coincidentally, the earth’s surface is 70 percent water. Water is the most important element in life. In fact, the presence of water is one of the most important criteria for NASA’s search for extraterrestrial life on other planets. Our bodies need water to function properly. Mineral-rich water conducts electricity and the brain communicates … Continue reading Hydrate to Eliminate & Rejuvenate

Volusia Businesses & Employers: Plan, Prepare and Respond

Local business owners and employers can access Volusia County’s Division of Economic Development at http://www.FloridaBusiness.org to find updated interim guidance for helping to prevent workplace exposures to acute respiratory illness in non-healthcare settings, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The resources are provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States Department of Labor and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration … Continue reading Volusia Businesses & Employers: Plan, Prepare and Respond

Know Your Doctor

The medical practitioners in America should be commended for their exemplary skills in emergency and trauma care. If you are in an accident or a life threatening situation, there is no place in the world more equipped to save your life and treat your injury than an American medical facility. Doctors really have a handle on medicine and technology when it comes to trauma care … Continue reading Know Your Doctor

INSIDE LOOK: Seaside Cryotherapy and Oxygen Bar

The Coolest Place In Town! Owners: Jeff and Arielle VanEck // http://www.SeasideCryotherapy.com // New Smyrna Beach & Ormond Beach Interview by: Tiffany Evers // Photos by: Kelsey Walters Alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular and new technology is giving companies the ability to easily offer these services to their clients. This statement couldn’t be truer for Seaside Cryotherapy and Oxygen Bar, which now … Continue reading INSIDE LOOK: Seaside Cryotherapy and Oxygen Bar