Local Author Publishes New Novel

Savage House is a story of whit, and ultimately making your own luck, even when dealt an unsteady hand.

Author, Joshua MacLeod

After vacationing in the Caribbean, August returns home to find his landlady’s fortune has gone missing, and the only lead he can sniff out is a relative. August quickly snoops around and discovers the relative is in trouble with the LasVegas mafia. It is pay or die.

August acts to help the woman that is like a mother to him.Using his dark skills he sets out to find her missing fortune. He does what the authorities can’t, and finds himself on an action packed quest for justice that crisscrosses the United States. Once in Las Vegas, he joins the mafia, and navigates his way inside.

Mr. Savage uncovers a conspiracy to take over the world’s most important resource. He must navigate a minefield of power, greed and murder to neutralize the mafia before it’s too late. When the house says it always wins, Mr. Savage proves them wrong.

You can purchase this book at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and on the author, Joshua MacLeod’s, website

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