Dazzle in Denim

Denim maxi skirts are an absolute fashion essential. Talk about a closet game-changer that’s as versatile as it gets. Wanna turn up the glam? Slip into those killer high heels and let statement jewelry do the talking. Or maybe you’re all about that groovy vibe – in that case, pair it with platform sandals and a crochet top that screams retro chic. For those days … Continue reading Dazzle in Denim

Local Author Publishes New Novel

Savage House is a story of whit, and ultimately making your own luck, even when dealt an unsteady hand. After vacationing in the Caribbean, August returns home to find his landlady’s fortune has gone missing, and the only lead he can sniff out is a relative. August quickly snoops around and discovers the relative is in trouble with the LasVegas mafia. It is pay or die. … Continue reading Local Author Publishes New Novel

Take My Money

By Katie Swiss Britt Online shopping is amazing and dangerous. It’s so comfy. You can fully spree your butt off all while wearing no pants. That would not fly at the mall. Please wear clothes to the mall or you will most likely get picked up by the folks in blue. You don’t have to empty the bank account to get some great stuff. Amazon, … Continue reading Take My Money