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INSIDE LOOK: After Body Meals

Interview with Founder and CEO Kirk Girdley

By Tiffany Yancey // Photos of Kirk by Kelsey Walters

My first interview with Kirk, founder and CEO of After Body Meals (ABM), ran in the September 2017 issue of ECC. He had been in business for only two years and just opened a storefront in South Daytona. ABM has continued to grow and we thought it was time to revisit this local entrepreneur and see exactly what he has going on for 2019. The first part of this is from the September 2017 interview and the last is current.


Q: What exactly does After Body Meals offer?

A: After Body Meals is a customizable meal prep company that offers fresh, gourmet meals delivered to your door at an affordable price. We also have a storefront where you can get smoothies and meals to heat up and sit at our outside table area.

Q: You have such a unique name. How did you come up with it?

A: After Body Meals is a company that provides results and transformations. So, when I thought of the name it was based off your “before and after” picture.

Q: Are your customers in contracts or can they go week-to-week when ordering?

A: Our customers are week-to-week, no contract. We do offer auto pay to make ordering convenient.

array of healthy meal choices in trays

Q: Do you offer substitutions if there is an allergy or an item a customer doesn’t like?

A: Yes, if a customer doesn’t like or is allergic to seafood and we have seafood as the protein for one of the menu items then we substitute that with chicken cooked the exact same way as the menu option. We also offer a vegan plan for our customers if they don’t eat meat or dairy.

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Q: What sets you apart from other meal prep companies?

A: What sets us apart is that we are consistent with quality and customer service. We provide text reminders and send out emails of the menu each week. We work with people’s dislikes and allergies and we use BPA-free containers that are recyclable and reusable. We also donate our extra food to a homeless shelter which is our little part of helping the community.

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Q: How does the ordering process work?

A: The menu is launched on Wednesday by noon. Ordering is done online at or you can call (386) 233-3415 and you have to order by noon on Friday to receive your meals on Sunday and Wednesday. You can get them delivered or you can save money by picking them up at our storefront at 933 Beville Road in South Daytona.


Q: What is the biggest change your company has gone through since we last interviewed you?

A: Determining the core values of the company has changed everything. Staying focused on what we do and making sure the entire team is on the same page has streamlined our processes and enhanced our quality.

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Q: How can ABM help people reach personal goals they have set for themselves in the new year?

A: The convenience and quality of After Body Meals makes living a healthy lifestyle realistic. We have countless clients who share their testimonies of weight loss and overall improved health after ordering. They save time and money, they know exactly what it is they’re eating and how much they’re eating, and they actually enjoy the food.

Q: Your menu is constantly changing. Who comes up with the delicious meals you offer?

A: Menu creation is a team effort at After Body Meals. Our employees are very creative and well-versed in various cuisines. We also consider the feedback and requests of our customers.

individual meals of chicken with assorted green vegetables

Q: How many meals does ABM deliver weekly?

A: We typically deliver between 1,800 and 2,000 meals throughout Volusia County and the greater Orlando area each week.

Q: How do you continue to grow as a business owner?

A: I am constantly learning. I read books and listen to podcasts that provide everything from business insight and team building strategies to new health discoveries and recipes. I also attend conventions held by business owners and philanthropists who inspire and motivate me, such as Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins.

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Q: What do you feel is the biggest influence in your life that has helped you achieve your success?

A: I started viewing success as more of a duty than an option and every day as an opportunity to grow and improve – both personally and as a business. Constantly looking for ways to get better has taken After Body Meals to where it is today.

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Q: What is planned for the future of ABM?

A: Continuous improvement of our processes and systems will allow After Body Meals to expand in the near future. The plan is to have more locations and service larger regions of the state of Florida, like Miami, Jacksonville and Tampa.

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After Body Meals

933 Beville Rd. Unit 101E, South Daytona 32119 // (386) 233-3415

Facebook: afterbodymeals

Instagram @afterbodymeals

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