100 Issues of East Coast Current!

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This remarkable milestone has been made possible thanks to your unwavering support. To commemorate this incredible journey, we held celebratory evening at the historic Streamline Hotel.

This event goes beyond marking 100 issues of creativity, insights, and community – it was also an opportunity for us to express our deep appreciation for our community’s incredible support. Every one of our readers has played a vital role in making East Coast Current a cherished platform for sharing stories, ideas, and inspiration along our coastline.

ECC and our guests came together to revel in this significant milestone, forge connections with our writers, fellow valued readers, and embrace the exciting journey ahead.

Thank you to all who joined us on August 19th! Your presence truly made this event special.

Video by Meghaphone Marketing

Get ready for some serious nostalgia. Mimi McKee penned down the full scoop, and it’s now ready for you to dive into. Read more about our Celebration at the Iconic Streamline Hotel below!

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