Belly Chain Gang

The belly chain is making a major comeback and I am 100% on board. Although this trend may have flown under the radar in the 2000s, it has now returned with a vengeance. During a recent yacht trip in Miami, I couldn’t help but notice that every girl was wearing a belly chain. Everyone loves a good accessory, especially if you can pull it off at the beach. Interestingly, the belly chain trend has also been rumored to have weight loss benefits. The infinity chain, a popular style in this trend, is designed to apply a slight pressure on the belly area, which is believed to promote a feeling of fullness and reduce appetite! Not sure if I buy into that, but I love the look, so if it does work that’s a win-win! Belly chains are available in a variety of styles, including gold chain, beaded and stackable with charms. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of sexiness or sass to your casual look, the belly chain is a versatile accessory that can help you achieve your desired look. So, why not try out this trend for yourself? I dare you to add a belly chain to your accessory collection and see how it can elevate your style.

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