Dazzle in Denim

Denim maxi skirts are an absolute fashion essential. Talk about a closet game-changer that’s as versatile as it gets. Wanna turn up the glam? Slip into those killer high heels and let statement jewelry do the talking. Or maybe you’re all about that groovy vibe – in that case, pair it with platform sandals and a crochet top that screams retro chic. For those days … Continue reading Dazzle in Denim

Denim Reinvented

Join me in exploring the current obsession with denim fashion, although it seems like this trend has always been a staple in our wardrobe. This season, designers are taking denim to the next level by experimenting with unconventional styles. From upcycling to intricate detailing, denim is being transformed into trendy shapes and sizes from top to bottom. As showcased in the accompanying image, the denim … Continue reading Denim Reinvented