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Bobby G Takes on Karaoke Night 

The DJ’s voice signals the rotation is about to begin as the music starts. Are you ready? Here we go! It’s karaoke night at your favorite bar or restaurant and everyone on the list is ready, or maybe not, to put themselves out there in front of an audience and belt out their best version of their favorite song. Some performers are stronger and more confident than others, some are there for the shock or comedic aspect and some just have raw courage and don’t care, as long as they get a chance to sing. Then there are those who despise it and scoff at the mere mention of karaoke, avoiding it at all costs. 

Before we get into that, let’s talk about where it all started. Karaoke began in Japan around the 1970s. The first karaoke-style machines actually used an 8-track tape to play its music in order for one to perform. That’s hilarious! When laser discs came out in the 80s, karaoke became more popular and more prevalent in bars, restaurants and households worldwide. It is now estimated to be a 10 billion dollar industry! 

I decided to ask around and see what others’ opinion of karaoke was, where they were going, what they were singing and what they enjoyed most of all. I found that some people find karaoke quite displeasing enough to compare it to Satan. I guess Hell and karaoke are two places not on this person’s top 10 list. Another said he couldn’t stand people that were not up to his “standards” of singing and finds it to ruin his evening with unimaginable noise! Karaoke Scrooge, perhaps? 

Personally for me, it’s fun trying different songs, getting the crowd involved and spending time doing something I can share with other people that enjoy the same outlet. If I mess up or don’t do it perfectly, it doesn’t matter because it’s just karaoke. 

Oh, but wait a tick! There are some who take it very seriously. Going from place to place each night religiously, perfecting their songs, even entering contests for prize money. Some have one particular song that is their go-to, some have a bevy of songs they perform, and others have a nickname like David Allen Joe, a.k.a. Joey Ayers. I found there are those who like to get a big group together to watch their friends and cheer each other on, or even join in together for a group performance. 

The answer I found most interesting, which made a lot of sense, was actually brought up by more than one person I spoke to. It’s that karaoke gives people an opportunity to get up in front of an audience and perform a song without any credentials or head shot needed. They feel everything a professional performer might go through on stage. A feeling they may never be able to get any place else. 

I enjoy going to Peanuts with DJ Al and then slide across the street to Tayton O’Brians to sing with DJ E-Rock.They are both in New Smyrna Beach on Wednesday nights and both DJs are great singers and put on a fantastic night. 

On Mondays, it’s definitely AA Garden Fusion for me! I recently had the chance to talk with the owner, and my friend, Tom (pictured bottom left) about karaoke night at his place. When I asked him about karaoke his face lit up with a smile stating, “I love to sing! I love to sing for others as well!” It was easy to grasp how much he enjoyed it. He even has a karaoke room at home for entertaining family and friends. Tom explained that on Monday nights at 8 p.m. he hosts a different style of karaoke night at his bar. It’s more of a family atmosphere where everyone is together, eating, enjoying each other’s company and singing together. He says he often gets people that have never sang before because they were too nervous to go on stage by themselves. If you want, you can sit right at your table, or if you’re really feeling it, you can get up and stand on a chair. No matter what you choose, everyone is there to have a good time and it has become a hit. 

Local and even traveling musicians have made it a point to show up to AA Garden Fusion, including Chuck Morel, lead singer of The Click and Ian Atkins, lead singer of Harder Than Nunchucks. Tom himself sings and entertains and says he has widened his repertoire since starting, but Unchained Melody had to be his number one go-to karaoke song. 

Where to Find Karaoke Night in Volusia County

There are so many options to choose from for karaoke night here in Volusia County. We have collected some information to try and make it easier for you to find karaoke in our area. Of course, it’s always a good idea to call first if you’re heading out ready to perform. Thank you to all who participated. 


  • AA Garden Fusion | 8PM – 12AM| 206 Flagler Ave, NSB 
  • Cafe da Vinci‘s | Starts at 9PM | 112 W Georgia Ave, DeLand 


  • Tayton O’Brians | 9PM – 1AM | 410 Flagler Ave, NSB 
  • Peanut’s Sports Bar | 7-10PM | 421 Flagler Ave, NSB 


  • Merk’s Bar and Grill | 7-10PM | 193 N Causeway, NSB 
  • YAYA’s Beachside Bar | 9PM – 1AM | 112 Dunlawton Ave, Daytona Beach Shores 
  • Issues Lounge | Starts at 9PM | 114 E Indiana Ave, DeLand 


  • Tayton O’Brians | 9PM – 1AM | 410 Flagler Ave, NSB 
  • Shotz Sports Bar | Starts at 9PM | 167 Hwy 17, DeBary 
  • Daytona Taproom | 8PM – 12AM | 310 Seabreeze Blvd 


  • Yaya’s Beachside Bar | 9:30PM – 1:30AM | 112 Dunlawton Ave, Daytona Beach Shores 
  • Ocean Deck | 2-6PM | 127 S Ocean Ave, Daytona Beach 
  • Tailgatorz Sports Bar & Grill | 8PM -12AM | 3411 S. Ridgewood Ave, Edgewater 
  • Peanut & George’s Pub | 8PM – 12ish | 821 Main St, Daytona Beach (*also on Thursday & Friday) 
  • Daytona Taproom | 8PM – 12AM | 310 Seabreeze Blvd 
  • Deland Stockyard | Starts at 9PM | 1915 Old New York Ave 


  • Ocean Deck | 2-6PM | 127 S Ocean Ave, Daytona Beach

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Bobby G…Singing my Song 

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