August 2022 Fishing Report: A Tribute to Captain Joe Lyall

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A Tribute to Captain Joe Lyall

Our community lost a true warrior of the sea this past month…. Our friend Captain Joe Lyall passed away doing what he loved. Fishing, and then surfing, before he soared into the heavens. My last encounter with Joe was something I’ll never forget. 

He has me over to his house one day to have lunch on his back patio – I was with my daughter Adelynn. His children were at school and his wife was with friends in the Domincan Republic. We sat there for over an hour sharing fish and surf stories, talking about the love for our kids and how he was so proud of his wife, Tara, for starting her own real estate company. His passion for life and his family was gleaming through his eyes. He then gave us a tour of his beautiful home and explained all of the cool stuff he and Tara had bought from Bali. 

Then we went into his 2-year-old daughter’s room and his eyes lit up with joy. My daughter was so intrigued and wanted to know all about her. Joe had promised when he got back into town we would introduce them. Next was his teenage daughter’s room. He simply said as we walked in, “Here is what a teenage girl’s room looks like.” I thought instantly of Adelynn’s future. It was time to go and we went into the garage. 

He showed me the board he had bought for his upcoming trip to Pavones in Costa Rica. His stoke level was at an all-time high. I gave him a bottle of poke sauce and he gave me some of his boat decking materials, we knocked our fists, said our goodbyes and that was the last time I would see our beloved friend. 

He called a week later to invite me fishing but I was unable to make it… Joe, I hope you are riding the most perfect waves, catching the most beautiful fish and most importantly, watching over your beautiful family. God speed, my friend! Below are words from his lovely wife Tara Lyall. Tara – our community has your back and we are here for whatever you may need! All the love and light you may need is available. From all of us to you and yours! 

Captain Joe Lyall. We have lost an amazing husband, father, brother, son & friend. 

It’s hard to find the words to express exactly how much he meant to everyone. He lived and loved life to the fullest every single day and took care of everyone around him before taking care of himself. He has traveled the world, took care of his family and looked out for his friends. He has caught more fish than probably anyone you know and when he’s hot on a species he investigates, creates a dance and figures out how to catch them. His lucky socks and underwear definitely contribute to the hunt. 

He was always on a search for the most beautiful sunrise, the next biggest fish and the most perfect point break. We have to believe he is living out his days doing all of those things. A king, a champion and our North Star – pointing us all in the direction that we should be going. Thankful to know you and love you. Until we meet again, Captain Joe. 

How you can Help

A fundraiser has been set up by Captain Joe’s family to help bring lifesaving equipment to remote fishing and surfing locations and prevent future tragedies. To read more about it and donate, click here.

Find this month’s tide chart here:  August 2022


1, 6 – 8, 12 – 15, 18 – 19, 25 – 31  

Until next month… Cast ‘em, Hook ‘em and Catch ‘em! 

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