Celebrating Women-Owned Businesses in Volusia County: Jodi Hinkle of HerQuest Consulting & Coaching Services

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of women-owned businesses in Volusia County, where we proudly introduce Jodi Hinkle, the visionary founder and CEO of HerQuest Consulting & Coaching Services. Jodi embodies the epitome of female entrepreneurship in the region, driving impactful change through her consulting and coaching endeavors. In this article, we’ll unveil the inspiring journey of Jodi Hinkle, highlighting her profound expertise and dedication to empowering others. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments and influence of women entrepreneurs, focusing on Jodi Hinkle and her dynamic venture, HerQuest Consulting & Coaching Services.

Founder & CEO
HerQuest Consulting & Coaching Services

Number of Years in Business: 5 years
Number of Employees: solopreneur
Areas you service: Live Sessions Volusia County, Virtual
Sessions Nationwide
Phone Number: (774) 634-5298
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 10 AM to 6 PM, Evening
& Weekend by Appointment Only
Website: Herquest.net

Can you describe a moment when you felt particularly proud of the impact your business had on a customer or the community? The opportunity to free another woman from the beliefs that have held them apart from the wishes and dreams they have longed for is an astounding experience. Over 80% of the clients I serve have been personally referred to me by a current or former client who has successfully disrupted the habitual thoughts and behaviors that kept them stuck. When these women reach back and encourage another woman (often another family member) to ask for help too, I feel elated! This is empowered women empowering even more women and exactly why I developed HerQuest.

What role has networking played in your journey as a women-owned business? How have events like W.I.N.E. helped you connect and grow? Networking is where referrals to local business owners begin! When I moved to NSB in 2018, the W.I.N.E. events accelerated my ability to meet other women business owners, explore how we could uplift each other and further our local impact. The community response to the W.I.N.E. events have been immense and confirms we are all part of a community committed to furthering personal connection and supporting live networking events.

In honor of National Women Owned Business Day, what message would you like to convey to fellow women entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners? There is no one but you who can make the impact you are here to make. Reach out to another woman who has what you desire and ask her to help you move forward. We are all in this together!

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