Meet Local Musician & Surfer Lucy Spotts

A Vibrant Soul Making Waves in our Community

As the editor of the East Coast Current, one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is getting to connect with the incredible individuals who make up our community. I am always thrilled when readers reach out to share their stories, and it was through one such interaction that I had the pleasure of meeting Lucy Spotts, a talented local musician and surfer.

Lucy’s mom, Colleen, reached out to me, and we agreed to meet at Island Roasters coffee shop in New Smyrna Beach. From the moment we met, I could feel the vibrant energy that Lucy and her mother exuded. Our quick meeting turned into a gab sesh that lasted two hours, and could have easily lasted two more.

Lucy’s journey led her back to Florida in 2019, after spending some time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Although she was born in Orlando, it was her return to the Sunshine State and the coastal beauty of New Smyrna Beach that sparked a transformation in her life.

Lucy experienced struggles with anxiety and depression, but she found solace and healing in the ocean through surfing.

Her story of learning to surf went viral on Instagram, garnering attention from international surfing magazines such as Surfgirl Magazine. Another article featuring Lucy’s inspiring journey is yet to be published, but it can be found in her Linktree account.

Surfing became a form of medicine for Lucy. The therapeutic benefits extended beyond the waves, as she also found solace in music, guitar playing and songwriting. For the past two years, Lucy has been sharing her singing talent locally, starting at places like GoJuice and Beachie Beans and then she quickly gained a following and now performs at a variety of different venues in NSB, Daytona, Ormond and St. Augustine.

From Outriggers and Riverdeck to Crimson House and Red Dog Surf Shop, Lucy’s soulful voice and heartfelt performances resonate with audiences. Lucy’s commitment to her craft is evident as she dedicates herself to singing full-time and constantly seeks new opportunities to share her music.

While many locals inquire if Lucy plans on moving to Nashville or Los Angeles to pursue a larger audience, her response is always a delightful surprise. She expresses her love for the present moment and the beach life she has in New Smyrna Beach. Fame is not her driving force; instead, she appreciates the beauty of her life as it is. This humble and genuine approach is what endears Lucy to her fans and the community.

Lucy’s single, “Fishin’ Spot,” recently dropped on May 19. This country-flavored song is her first fully produced track on her music platforms. She has exciting plans to follow it up with an album of new, fully produced originals.

When I asked Lucy about the number of songs she had written, her response astonished me. With a sweet smile, she revealed that she had written around 300 songs, although she modestly admitted that only about 100 of them were completed. This level of dedication and creativity is truly remarkable.

To stay updated on Lucy’s monthly shows and music releases, make sure to follow her on Facebook @LucySpottsMusic, where she shares all the latest information.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Lucy Spotts as part of our community – a beautiful soul committed to sharing her gifts with those around her.

Tiffany Evers is the editor and co-owner of East Coast Current magazine. In 2014 she was recognized by Editor & Publisher Magazine as one of the “25 Under 35” innovators in the newspaper industry. She currently serves on the Chair of the Recreational and Cultural Services Advisory Board for the City of Edgewater.

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