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I recently had the pleasure of visiting Tomazin Farms, located at 3779 Honeydew Lane, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168. This family-owned and operated farm is run by the Tomazin family, including Bill Tomazin, his son Paul Tomazin and Missy Tomazin. As soon as I arrived, I could tell that this was a special place, steeped in history and committed to sustainable, harmonious farming practices.

The Tomazin family has been farming in the area since 1915, when they began growing vegetables and supplying them to the surrounding communities via horse. In 1936, Joseph Tomazin Jr. and Georgia (Luznar) Tomazin were married, established a homestead, and began farming at the current farm location. They began commercial farming in 1949. In 2012, with his father Bill, the Barefoot Farmer, Paul joined his dad and began farming… barefoot as well. They expanded their distribution to include local restaurants and incorporating harmonious farming, which focuses on sustainable and regenerative farming practices that prioritize the health of the land, animals and people.

I had the chance to join Paul and Missy on the farm for a day of harvesting their crops, barefoot of course. We ate beautifully colored daikon and watermelon radish right out of the ground and I discovered that mustard greens eaten raw have a completely different flavor than when they are cooked, an almost horseradish like quality that would really bring a fish tartar to life in my opinion. I even got to drive the tractor, it was one of the highlights for me when I got to climb up and take control of the tractor through a row or two of crops with their trusted field-hand, Sadi, alongside.

I drove the tractor back to the barn to help wash the produce we just harvested. Paul and I proceeded to plunge our heads into an ice cold trough for a quick wake-up. They host a farmers market open to the public every Saturday from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. Local vendors set up and offer their goods, including elderberry jam, honey, fresh produce and even pastries. I devoured French toast and apple butter that didn’t even need syrup from It’s All Or Muffin and rocked out some tunes with the honey lady, Sarah. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

Tomazin Farms
3779 Honeydew Lane
NSB 32168

After my delightful experience at Tomazin Farms, I was eager to continue my local farm tour and see what other treasures I could find. That’s how I ended up at Fletcher Family Farm, a small family farm that boasts the freshest and cleanest hydroponic produce using sustainable farming practices.


Upon arrival, I was greeted by a couple members of the Fletcher Family, Marty, Sara and their 9-year-old daughter, Nelly (pictured above). I got a private tour of the farm and picked blueberries and ate them straight off the bush. Best. Blueberries. Ever.

The Fletchers live on the farm with their adorable animals including Eddie Murphy, the donkey, and Big Booty Judy, a pig who definitely lives up to her name.

The farm offers an array of produce and meat options, including beef, pork, fresh eggs from free-range chickens, and even farm-fresh honey from their newly added bees. They offer pasture raised beef and pork with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Their animals’ diets consist of a healthy balance of vegetables, grass, hay and grains. And, boy, would I like to get my hands on some of that.

They offer subscriptions to their fresh, local and seasonal produce delivered straight to your door. Marty said it best, “There is no gap in our production, you can enjoy our produce all year because we control the environment where it grows.”

Fletcher Family Farm grows lettuce and herbs indoors hydroponically and tomatoes, peppers and okra outdoors in hydroponic Dutch buckets. They supply fresh produce to local restaurants like The Spott in New Smyrna Beach and Millie’s in Daytona Beach. You can find them at

The Pavilion at Port Orange Farmers Market every Saturday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and at the Windermere Farmers Market every Friday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Touring both farms was so much more than just a learning experience, it was a great adventure. It’s inspiring to see how these farms have such a deep connection to the community. If you’re looking for the freshest and most flavorful produce and meat, be sure to check out local farms like Tomazin Farms and Fletcher Family Farm. By the way, if you want to score one of these epic hats I am wearing, check out the Faded Iguana ( line of merch from local Tiffany Dorber.

Bobby G… Out

Fletcher Family Farm
911 TATER Road NSB 32168

Scotty Sudakis AKA Bobby G is a freelance writer and frontman in 5 Time Shag. If you have anything you’d like to see Bobby G “take on” in a future article please email the editor directly at:
Scotty Sudakis AKA Bobby G is a freelance writer and frontman in 5 Time Shag. If you have anything you’d like to see Bobby G “take on” in a future article please email the editor directly at:

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