Foundation of Friendship & Fierce Competition: Southeast Volusia Soccer Club Surf Tournament Team

Players on the “05 Surf Tournament Team” at the Southeast Volusia Soccer Club (SVSC) have focus and drive for winning long-term. The soccer team, made up of 18 players with ages ranging from 15 years old to 17 years old, has members that have been playing together for over a decade. The team has built a reputation in the community and competes exclusively in tournament style games. Some team members will continue to play at the collegiate level. All of the members will walk away with skills to follow a path of success for life. 

During their time together participating at SVSC as the 12U community youth soccer, ages ranging 12 years old to 14 years old, an unforgettable experience occurred at the Florida State Cup. The tournament is the first leg of the United States Youth Soccer National Championship series. The team was confident in testing their abilities as they won many of their league games. During the tournament matches, they were defeated. The team had an awakening and was forced to recognize their imperfections, sparking their current team dynamic. 

Team commitment became the first objective. Every player pledged to do what it takes to compete again at the Florida State Cup. The team’s goals include enhancing soccer skills, learning from wins and losses, growing talents and focusing on determination for future success. SVSC has a commitment to improving the athlete, focusing on development over wins. The community network at SVSC supported the team’s goals along with the families of each player. 

“After the State Cup experience, each player had to make the commitment that they really wanted to get better,” stated Forest Beeman, Assistant Coach and Field Assignor for SVSC and local New Smyrna Beach resident. “The parents had to commit to getting to training on time. Parents of this team put in the work to build the team relationships between the boys and amongst each other.” The State Cup experience stands out as a pivotal moment for the team. 

SVSC, along with the team, made the decision to change coaches. Many athletes switch coaches more frequently than expected. When a team transitions, three things are considered: self determined strengths and weaknesses, what is learned from past experience and integrating past training. 

“Every coach that has come on board has had a hand in elevating the team’s game; Johnny Mendoza (Major League Soccer player), Justin Carrey (College Coach), Bart Sassnett (College Coach) & Jonathan Lopez (College Coach),” credits Beeman. According to Beeman, “The primary method of getting a player to become a collegiate player is to get them in front of college coaches. They needed to play in front of college coaches and beat teams that were considered better. Their head coaches were college coaches, so immediately they had exposure.” 

The team has grown and learned from their past and present experiences and continue to remain consistent with wins. Together, they have faced teams that are considered “top level” among the state soccer community. The foundation of friendship, fierce competition and determination continue to lead this team to success. This winter, the team will compete at the Disney Boys Soccer Showcase, a chance for the players to show off their skills in hopes of being recruited as they compete for college scholarships. The annual holiday weekend tournaments were hosted Dec. 27-31, 2022 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports soccer fields in Kissimmee, Florida. 

SVSC is a community soccer club located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The club, one of five in the county, offers a community league for novice players, just starting out. The club offers teams for all ages. A love of the game and player development drive the club’s mission. When the players are ready, the club offers nine teams that travel around the state. For more information about the club, visit 


  • Brooks Beeman – Midfield 
  • Chase Boles – Defensive Mid 
  • Tiden Burch – Center Back 
  • Weston Desoto – Forward 
  • Will Desoto – Wingback 
  • Dylan Dongilli – Goalkeeper 
  • Joey Foreman – Midfield 
  • Hugues Iguaran – Midfield 
  • Jake Larson – Forward 
  • Jules Lower – Defensive Mid 
  • Miles Markland – Wingback 
  • Lane Robinson – Winger 
  • Andrew Sandvoss – Defender 
  • Joel Smith – Center back 
  • Sawyer Sprague – Forward 
  • Ethan Sulzbach – Winger 
  • Andreas Tate – Goalkeeper 
  • Blake Wardzinski – Defender 

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