two boys parasailing with smiles on faces

INSIDE LOOK: Daytona Beach Parasail & Daytona Speedboat Adventures

Interview by Tiffany Yancey // Photos by Kelsey Walters

Ariel view of people on white boat in blue ocean


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4936 S. Peninsula Dr., Ponce Inlet, FL 32127 • (386) 481-3050

FB: DaytonaBeachParasail • Insta: @DaytonaParasail 

two boys parasailing with smiles on faces

Q: What do you say to first-timers who are interested in the experience but still may be a little nervous? 

A: Parasailing can seem a little intimidating and scary at first, but once you get up in the air you quickly realize how calm and peaceful it is! Our experienced crew will provide safety instructions and take care of everything for you, helping you feel safe and secure and ready to enjoy your parasail experience. It’s very common for people to be nervously excited before they go up and they always come back down in awe of what an amazing view they had! Dolphin and turtle sightings happen almost every day! 

Ariel view of people on white boat in blue ocean

Q: How many riders can go out on the boat at once and how long do they each get to parasail for? 

A: Our boats can carry up to 14 people. Each ride last about 8-10 minutes so the whole trip averages about an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many people are on the trip. 

Q: If someone in a group doesn’t want to parasail can they still ride on the boat and watch? 

A: We do take non-parasailing observers for a $20 fee if space allows. Just ask if we have room when you check in for your parasail ride. We do our best to accommodate observers, especially so parents can ride along with minors. 

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Q: Do you offer photos of the trip and/or can riders bring their own cameras? 

A: Yes, we have a photographer on-board each trip that takes pictures of everyone and offers the use of our GoPro helmets to film your adventure from up in the parasail. There is no obligation to buy and you can view your pictures on land after your trip before purchasing. 

Q: What do you recommend riders to do to prepare for their experience? 

A: We recommend beach attire, shorts, t-shirts, etc. We also offer a dip at the end of your ride so a lot of people go up in just their bathing suits. Apply sunblock before you go and maybe bring a bottle of water and you are ready to fly! 

two boys parasailing while being dipped in the water

Q: Does everyone on the boat get wet? 

A: The boat ride is usually dry but sometimes if the sea is choppy we can get splashed. We have dry storage on the boat for keys and phones and small items you don’t want to risk getting wet. On your parasail ride, we can dip you from your toes to your waist. The dip is one of the highlights of the ride so that is why we usually recommend guests go up in their bathing suits or other clothing they don’t mind getting wet. 

Q: Do you find most of your customers are tourists or do you get a good mixture of locals, too? 

A: The majority of our customers are spring and summer tourists from all over the country. Although we do get quite a few locals. We often hear that people have been watching us for years from the beach and finally decided to try it for themselves! 

parasail with sun behind it

Q: How much does it cost each parasailer and do you offer group rates? 

A: We offer four different ride levels. They are based on the length of the line we let out (not actual height above water) and more line means a longer ride. The prices are $69 for 600’ of line, $79 for 800’, $89 for 1000’, and $99 for 1200’. We take $10 off each ticket for groups of five or more and if you parasail twice in the same week you get half-off your second ride!  


FB: DaytonaSpeedboatAdventures // Insta: @DaytonaSeaRacer

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Q: How long is an average trip out on the Sea Racer and where do you go?

A: The trip is an hour long and depending on the conditions that day it will either go out of Ponce Inlet and along Daytona Beach or, if it’s too rough out there, it will go up the Halifax River in the intracoastal waterway towards the Dunlawton Bridge. Both routes are fun and offer a great chance of dolphin sightings. 

Q: What is the top speed you reach when out on the water?

A: The Sea Racer can get to 50 MPH. It may not seem fast by land standards, but trust us, this is absolutely flying on the water!

speedboat racing on the water in inlet

Q: Are there any specific requirements passengers need to ride?

A: The minimum age to ride is 4 years old. We can encounter boat wakes and ocean swell making the ride a little bumpy at times so we don’t recommend riding on the Sea Racer for women who are pregnant or those with preexisting medical issues like back problems.

Q: Do you need reservations or is it a first-come, first-served basis?

A: We do accept walk-up bookings but reservations can be made over the phone and directly through our website.

Ponce Inlet lighthouse from inlet water view

Q: How many people can you fit on each boat ride out?

A: The Sea Racer comfortably carries up to 12 passengers.

Q: Would you host private parties?

A: Yes, we offer custom private parties with advanced booking from birthday parties to corporate events. Please call for custom bookings as we can also offer special times and routes that are not available on our website.

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Q: How much are tickets and what is your cancellation policy if the weather is bad?

A: Tickets are $49 for adults and $39 for kids 12 and under. All tickets are fully refundable at any time due to the possibility of weather related cancellations. We offer $5 off per ticket for groups of 5 or more and $10 off per ticket if you parasail with Daytona Beach Parasail in the same week.

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