Become a Volusia Explorer

Explore Volusia is starting a monthly challenge using the iNaturalist app where you can earn prizes! All you need to do is download the iNaturalist app, available on iPhone and Android devices, to get started. Visit the conservation land of the month, as designated on the app or online at Using the app, find the hiking trail and follow the directions on the blue … Continue reading Become a Volusia Explorer

Keep Kids Busy this Summer with Fun Local Destinations

Summer has just begun, but parents everywhere are already looking for ways to keep their kids active and entertained – and more importantly, off the couch and screens. Volusia County and the surrounding Central Florida area offer tons of entertaining options for families with kids and adults of all ages. Here are some of our favorite options, all within about one hour of Volusia County. … Continue reading Keep Kids Busy this Summer with Fun Local Destinations

Hike and Seek: Green Mountain Scenic Overlook and Trailhead – Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive 

Photos/Text by Kelsey Walters  Our corner of Florida isn’t exactly known for higher elevations. The coastline is relatively flat and hills in the area are mostly man-made. As you travel further inland, however, the scenery begins to change and rolling hills creep up from the sea level to which we are accustomed.  The area surrounding Lake Apopka, Florida’s fourth largest lake, is a wealth of … Continue reading Hike and Seek: Green Mountain Scenic Overlook and Trailhead – Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive 

Where the Wild Things Are: Brevard Zoo

Text by Kelsey Walters // Photos by Kelsey and Scott Walters  With cooler temps and sunny days combining to create the perfect weather, Floridians are flocking to the outdoors this time of year. We aren’t the only ones enjoying the break from the heat. Wildlife everywhere are rejoicing in the milder weather and getting more and more active.  All this means that it’s zoo season! … Continue reading Where the Wild Things Are: Brevard Zoo

Come Sail Away: Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour

All photos by Kelsey Walters Orlando and the surrounding areas have no shortage of things for tourists and locals to explore. In fact, it can be pretty overwhelming when deciding what park to visit, where to dine and what to do in between to maximize your vacation, or staycation. Given its close proximity, Orlando loves to flock to our beaches, and in turn, Volusians spend … Continue reading Come Sail Away: Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour

‘Tis the (Camping) Season

All photos and text by Kelsey Walters With our recent taste of cooler weather, Floridians everywhere are flocking to the outdoors. With the promise of days ahead that won’t feel like they’re being spent on the surface of the sun, my family is gearing up for camping season and we kicked it off with a trip to a fun riverside spot for plenty of fresh … Continue reading ‘Tis the (Camping) Season

Ripe for the Picking: Spring Garden Vineyard

Photos by Kelsey & Scott Walters  Considering Florida’s reputation as a tourist trap, you don’t often think of the state’s agricultural business when you cite the state’s popular attractions and money-makers. Sure, we obviously have our citrus industry as a cash cow, and you-pick blueberry season is increasingly popular in the spring.  I bet you don’t conjure up sprawling vineyards when you imagine Floridian agriculture, … Continue reading Ripe for the Picking: Spring Garden Vineyard

Wild Florida: A New Ride on the Wild Side

Photos by Kelsey & Scott Walters  You may recall earlier this year, our family visited Wild Florida, just south of Orlando. We had an amazing time there and were thrilled when we were invited back to try out the wildlife park’s newest experience, the VIP Safari Tour.  Wild Florida offers the chance to not only see native Florida wildlife, but exotic creatures as well, in … Continue reading Wild Florida: A New Ride on the Wild Side

INSIDE LOOK: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people. Rails-to-Trails is a Nationwide Network of Fitness and Outdoor Activity Trails Since 1986, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has worked from coast to coast, supporting the development of thousands of miles of rail-trails for millions to explore and enjoy. … Continue reading INSIDE LOOK: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Dolphin Days: Marineland

Photos by Kelsey & Scott Walters, photos of the Dolphin Encounter provided by Marineland Recently, Scott decided to surprise Avery and I with a fun day out. All he told us was to grab our towels and get in the car. Before we knew it, we were at Marineland, a classic beachside attraction in St. Augustine right on the border with Palm Coast.  I didn’t … Continue reading Dolphin Days: Marineland