What’s Love Got to Do with It?

February – the month of feeling loved and special, or… lonely, pressured to buy candy and flowers, or depressed because you’re not in a relationship. Most people vocally loathe the commercialism as they stand in line for some heart-shaped object. Next to Christmas, this is one of the most stressful holiday months of the year – for both the giver and receiver. Here is the … Continue reading What’s Love Got to Do with It?

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The Recipe of Love

We are about to be surrounded with the annual celebration of love.  For those who are wanting, looking, perhaps even searching for love, here are the “ingredients of life” you can focus on.  A weekly infusion of live music  A regular visit to your personal place of serenity  A daily dose of personal worthiness  A sprinkle of positive expectations  Eagerly watch daily for glimpses of … Continue reading The Recipe of Love

One Person in the World

With over 7.7 billion people in the world, how could so many believe that there is just one person meant for them? One true love. One soulmate. Two people that find each other, through serendipity, and promise to love only that person for the rest of their lives. We may spend years searching for that one love. Some are fortunate to find him/her early in … Continue reading One Person in the World

Valentine’s Day: A Scam For The Ages

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day again, and men everywhere are dreading the inevitable scrutiny they will receive for either taking it too seriously, or not seriously enough. Together, we will brave the gauntlet of florists and mall jewelry stores to purchase some overpriced token of our affection for the ones we love.  The stakes seem to get higher every year, and the lines get longer, and … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: A Scam For The Ages

Love Yourself

Finding Beauty February is commonly referred to as the month of love. One special day, February 14, you shower your sweetie with gifts, candy, flowers, dinner or whatever way you choose to express your love.  I think it’s wonderful if you have a Valentine and want to make that person feel loved and special on that particular day, but what about the rest of the … Continue reading Love Yourself

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What the Heck is Health

What is health? There’s a valid debate over the true definition of health. Some will say that it’s maintaining an ideal body weight, while others will say that it’s the absence of pain or disease. Here is my definition: H.E.A.L.T.H. = Heightened Energy And Love That Heals What is heightened energy? I define heightened energy as raising your body’s metabolic rate, brain power, awareness, concentration, … Continue reading What the Heck is Health