Lost in Digital Space

I was watching a play at the NSB Little Theatre recently, when I noticed something odd about a couple of the younger actors. As they walked across the stage, some had a slight hump at the base of their neck and horrible posture. The more I researched about the health issues connected to a cell phone or electrical devices such as a computer, I found … Continue reading Lost in Digital Space

Life is a Roller Coaster – Literally

When I saw August fun facts, August 16 was listed as National Roller Coaster Day. My first job, the day after high school, was as a ride hostess at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point is the second oldest operating amusement park in the U.S., opening in 1870 second to Connecticut’s Lake Compounce in 1846. I had no idea which ride I was assigned … Continue reading Life is a Roller Coaster – Literally

The Chapters of Our Life

We all possess a book of our life, a collection of chapters that begins with our birth and continues until the day we depart from this world. These chapters encompass various aspects such as childhood, teenage years, love, marriage, family, travel, careers and hobbies. To preserve our life book, we keep journals, photo albums, and pass on stories from one generation to the next. It … Continue reading The Chapters of Our Life

karin Jenkins and grandfather with children and family

Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days 

I loved my grandparents – especially my grandpa. Our family was so fortunate to have him live with us for the last 10 years of his life.  The stories he would tell at the dinner table were priceless. My kids never knew how much they were learning about history – about the way it really was, because he had such a great gift of storytelling. … Continue reading Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days 

Sibling Sunday: National Sibling Day – April 10

In 1995, Claudia Evart founded National Siblings Day. It’s held every April 10 and is a day to honor your brothers and sisters, get together with each other, look at old pictures and talk about the good old days.  I was telling my sister, Julie, about this national holiday and all our crazy memories came flooding back. When we were young, my parents moved us … Continue reading Sibling Sunday: National Sibling Day – April 10

Aging on Stage is Not for Amateurs

I have been an actress at the Little Theatre of NSB since 1987. I was a young, fit, energetic woman when I made my debut on this stage. I have been in numerous plays throughout the years, playing lead roles and memorizing tons of lines with little effort.  As the years go by, I find acting roles for my age group become more challenging. I … Continue reading Aging on Stage is Not for Amateurs