Rebuilding & Recovery: Important Homeowner’s Insurance Info

Volusia County residents and business owners are still working on rebuilding from the 2022 hurricane season. Insurance policies have a hurricane deductible, an amount the policyholder is responsible to pay their carrier before the insurance company can issue any payment caused by a hurricane. It is typically equivalent to some percentage of the value of the property. What many property owners might not know is … Continue reading Rebuilding & Recovery: Important Homeowner’s Insurance Info

Hurricane Preparedness for Volusia

As Volusia residents enter the month of September, the most active month for hurricane season, now is the time to consider any last minute preparations to secure property. Remember, any severe storm can be deadly or destructive. According to, more than 4,800 homes, businesses and facilities were impacted by Hurricane Irma (September 2017). Many of those were still recovering from impacts of Hurricane Matthew … Continue reading Hurricane Preparedness for Volusia

INSIDE LOOK: Coastal Claims Services

Q: When did you move to your new location? A: Our national headquarters is proudly located at 419 Canal Street in downtown New Smyrna Beach, directly across from Peterson Law Group. We also have satellite offices located throughout the state of Florida and the southeast United States as well. Q: What services do you offer?  A: Coastal Claims Services is a fully licensed and bonded … Continue reading INSIDE LOOK: Coastal Claims Services