Case for Weekday Dates

While every rom-com and girl gang movie shows the glamor of late nights out on the town, I’m here to convince you of the just as awesome “Day Date!” I, my husband, and our two housemates all have flexible, work-from-home jobs and my three kids are now in school or preschool at least some portion of the week, which makes weekdays a great time for … Continue reading Case for Weekday Dates

Best Local Musicians or Bands To Follow

Each place featured below was voted as the BEST by ECC Facebook Fans. Be sure to “Like” our page to participate next month.  Volusia County is packed with local musical talent! When asked who their favorite band or musician is, locals nominated over 100 acts! Here are the top 5 that always bring the crowds.  All dates listed below are subject to change or cancellation … Continue reading Best Local Musicians or Bands To Follow