Rooting for Fall @ Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

It’s no secret that our family is composed of some hardcore animal lovers. We have a small wolf pack of dogs in our home, and Avery (and maybe me, too) wants to bring home just about any animal she meets. We spend our summers raising tadpoles, hatching butterfly cocoons and catching frogs and every bug under the Florida sun. We visit animal sanctuaries and experiences … Continue reading Rooting for Fall @ Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

black and white short coated dogs

EDGEfest Pet-A-Palooza

Do you love animals? The city of Edgewater sure does – big ones, little ones, furry ones – they love them all! They have partnered with the Edgewater Animal Shelter and will celebrate animals of all kinds at the annual EDGEfest Pet-A-Palooza on Saturday, March 26, 2022 (previously scheduled for March 12, but postponed due to inclement weather) at Rotary Park (902 West Park Avenue) … Continue reading EDGEfest Pet-A-Palooza