alligator snapping turtle

Learn Wild Facts on Local Eco-Tours

Feature photo by Sherry Taylor, Daytona/NSB Discovery Map Did you know alligator snapping turtles laugh so hard, no sounds come out? Just kidding! The fact is these guys do not have vocal cords. Also like most turtles, they make a range of hissing sounds (think air escaping a balloon). So, why are their mouths agape all the time? Because alligator snapping turtles are ambush predators. … Continue reading Learn Wild Facts on Local Eco-Tours

The Wild Side of Florida

Photos by Kelsey & Scott Walters  Florida is home to a number of wild creatures. Although animals like alligators, bobcats and the elusive Florida panther may be plentiful in our state, they can be a challenge to spot in the wild (and from a safe vantage point).  Wild Florida – Kenansville, FL  Wild Florida offers the chance to see not only native Florida wildlife, but … Continue reading The Wild Side of Florida