Fishaholic: August Report

With summer break almost over for the kids, I thought it would be a good time to talk about taking the kids fishing. They still have a few weeks before they must be back at school so don’t wait any longer. The Volusia County area offers a wide range of fishing opportunities for kids.

For those without a boat, there are a ton places to fish from land including the many fishing piers and bridges in our area. The beach is another great place to introduce kids to fishing. For those who can, fishing from a boat gives you the most opportunities. Many of our charters have kids fishing with us and we enjoy making lasting memories!

Fishing in the middle of the summer can have its challenges but if you plan your trip to where you are not fishing in the middle of the day when temperatures are at their highest, you can cash in on some amazing catches. The usual suspects, redfish and snook are everywhere and can be caught from the back waters to the inlet. Low light periods like early morning or evening are usually good times to fish. Nighttime nearshore fishing may be the best for our big three: tarpon, snook and redfish.

Out on the beaches, keep your eyes peeled for bait schools because the predatory fish are never far behind. If the bait is there, expect to see tarpon, bonito and kingfish feeding. Water conditions have been great with calm seas and clean water. If you ever happen to be down near Ponce Inlet on a calm day when the water is clear, you will know why they call us the Shark Bite Capital!

Ponce Inlet August Tide Chart

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