Recording Studio Opens in NSB

Volusia County is home to so many talented musicians and now they have the ability to create and record their masterpieces in an inspiring environment, without leaving home!

Bable Blue Recording Studio is located at 803 E. 23rd Avenue in New Smyrna Beach and is open to anyone looking to take the next step artistically. Whether you are in a band, or are a solo artist, they offer affordable rates to record your newest song, EP or even LP!

If you aren’t already performing or don’t have a song written yet, but have always wanted to, Bable Blue not only offers consulting and guidance, but a comfortable surrounding meant to get the creative juices flowing and send you on your way to your first completed creation!

The studio offers more than just a space for musicians to record. They also offer mixing, mastering, pre-production, music video creation and vocalist or voiceover work as well.

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If you are interested in learning more about this all-inclusive studio follow them on Facebook at /BableBlueStudio and on Instagram @BableBlue.

Give them a call or text today to get your spot reserved.

386.405.6762 //

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