Write Your Life

Stress is an underlying cause that can be attributed to disease, depression and a plethora of physical, mental, emotional and financial woes. I would like to offer you an alternative method to combat the effects of stress. This unique strategy involves writing. Writing and Stress Relief So often we internalize the things that bother us most, allowing them to create internal strife until, at some … Continue reading Write Your Life

smiling woman stands at kitchen counter chopping fruits and vegetables after working out

Fast-track Your Health

Our ancestors possessed the ability to go long periods of time without eating. Some may call it fasting; I call it survival mode. Either way, it’s nature’s self-preservation mechanism.  Fasting, Survival Mode and Your Health If humans didn’t possess the ability to go durations of time without food, none of us would be here today. Think about how life was just a couple hundred years … Continue reading Fast-track Your Health

Hydrate to Eliminate & Rejuvenate

Our bodies are supposed to be composed of 70 percent water and, coincidentally, the earth’s surface is 70 percent water. Water is the most important element in life. In fact, the presence of water is one of the most important criteria for NASA’s search for extraterrestrial life on other planets. Our bodies need water to function properly. Mineral-rich water conducts electricity and the brain communicates … Continue reading Hydrate to Eliminate & Rejuvenate

Know Your Doctor

The medical practitioners in America should be commended for their exemplary skills in emergency and trauma care. If you are in an accident or a life threatening situation, there is no place in the world more equipped to save your life and treat your injury than an American medical facility. Doctors really have a handle on medicine and technology when it comes to trauma care … Continue reading Know Your Doctor

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Pay to Play

If you are going to do things that punish your body, such as heavy exertion, smoking, drinking alcohol, sleep deprivation or if you live a stressful lifestyle, then give your body equal or greater rewards to counteract the ill effects.  Balance in your Lifestyle and its Effect on Health I like to drink alcohol occasionally, so I make it a habit of drinking at least … Continue reading Pay to Play

Honey and Health

Honey is a naturally produced liquid made by honey bees from the nectar collected from native flowers near the bees’ environment. Nutritionally, 1 tablespoon of honey contains approximately 64 calories and 17 grams of four different types of sugars: fructose, glucose, maltose and sucrose. Honey is a much healthier alternative to refined table sugar and is believed to help with a number of health conditions. … Continue reading Honey and Health

A Different Kind of Grass

Everyone is talking about the health benefits of marijuana and CBD oil these days. In fact, I wrote an article titled “Pot or Not” in the April 2019 issue of ECC. But I now want to introduce you to another kind of grass that has brought me phenomenal health benefits over the last 20+ years. I’m talking about wheatgrass!  The Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Since … Continue reading A Different Kind of Grass

healthy woman eating fresh food in her kitchen

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy. We are energy. Life is energy. And when we run out of energy, we run out of life. Life is Maintained by Energy Maintaining our energy level when our bodies are constantly consuming it requires fuel. Our fuel is known as food or nutrition. Without proper nutrition, we are not able to function properly.  Are you a race fan? Or do you … Continue reading Everything is Energy

Pot or Not? The Green Debate

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the East Coast Current. There’s been a great debate brewing over marijuana for decades, and it’s finally coming to a head as 10 states have now legalized both recreational and medicinal marijuana, and another 23 states have legalized medical marijuana only. It’s about time … Continue reading Pot or Not? The Green Debate