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Holidays and Pets: What’s Safe for Animals to Eat During Holiday Meals

Pets are often included in our holiday celebrations and treated as members of the family. It is important to remember however that they have their own dietary needs that differ from ours. Around Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays, keep in mind what is safe for your pets to have and what to avoid. What Foods Pets/Dogs CAN’T EAT: What Foods Pets/Dogs CAN Enjoy: Any allowed … Continue reading Holidays and Pets: What’s Safe for Animals to Eat During Holiday Meals

NSB Finalizes Parks Master Plan

The city of New Smyrna Beach (NSB) is a coastal community of Volusia County. Locals live, work and play all while soaking up NSB’s laid back lifestyle. Visitors come to enjoy fun outdoor experiences like strolling on miles of seaside boardwalk and relaxing on beautiful white-sand beaches. The city’s coastal neighborhoods are located along North America’s most diverse estuary, the Indian River Lagoon and the … Continue reading NSB Finalizes Parks Master Plan

Halloween Magic at Home

Starting this month, family holidays are in full swing. Like everything else this year, we have to make some changes, especially when it comes to the health and safety of our families.  Local Halloween traditions are pretty basic. Parade and costume contest on Canal Street, and then trick-or-treating with family and friends. This year, that may not be possible. What do we do to still … Continue reading Halloween Magic at Home

Back to School Safety

Well, it finally happened…Volusia County spring break has officially ended. It’s hard to believe that all those kiddos left school for a two-week break back in March, only to have it extended five months due to COVID-19. Never in my life have I heard so many kids actually say they WANT to go back to school! Parents have had to make some tough choices during … Continue reading Back to School Safety

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Volusia County Schools Releases Reopening Plan for Fall

A release from Volusia County Schools Volusia County Schools is actively preparing for the start of school, and we have created this website as a resource for families, employees and the greater community. School Year Start Delayed to August 31, 2020 in Volusia County Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Volusia County School Board has voted to delay the start of the students’ school year … Continue reading Volusia County Schools Releases Reopening Plan for Fall

I’m On a Boat

The waters of Volusia County are some of the most fun places to play. The beautiful surroundings relax the soul and revive the spirit. The many access points, restaurants and businesses that cater to the boating community make it easy to get right down to the fun. But, like with all things awesome, you have to keep some things in mind to make sure you … Continue reading I’m On a Boat

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How Can I Celebrate the 4th of July at Home?

A message from Volusia County Community Information It’s an American tradition to have fireworks on Independence Day. But handling pyrotechnics yourself is dangerous. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, fireworks were involved in more than 9,000 injuries treated in U.S. hospitals emergency departments in 2018.With public fireworks displays canceled or postponed across the county, Volusia County Fire Rescue officials are concerned that some … Continue reading How Can I Celebrate the 4th of July at Home?

Atlantic Hurricane Season: June 1 – November 30

The Atlantic Hurricane Season starts on June 1st! Citizens are encouraged to be prepared for the first 72 hours after an event. Storms or natural disasters can have the ability to knock your power out for an extended period. During an outage, portable generators can offer temporary power, but there are potential risks associated with the use of these generators. Be sure to follow these … Continue reading Atlantic Hurricane Season: June 1 – November 30

Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins May 1

Sea Turtle Nesting Season is May 1 – October 31 Turtle nesting season started May 1, and that means hundreds of sea turtles will be emerging from the surf to lay eggs on the beach in the next few months. After incubating in the sand for about two months, the tiny hatchlings will break free and make an often treacherous crawl to the ocean – … Continue reading Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins May 1

Operation School Zone Safety

This week, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office will be participating in the Florida Sheriffs Task Force “Operation School Zone Safety” in school zones across Volusia County. April 22 – 26 is School Zone Safety Week in Volusia County The 5-day safety operation runs Monday through Friday and will focus on violations including speeding and passing school buses. The operation is designed to enhance student safety … Continue reading Operation School Zone Safety