Dazzle in Denim

Denim maxi skirts are an absolute fashion essential. Talk about a closet game-changer that’s as versatile as it gets. Wanna turn up the glam? Slip into those killer high heels and let statement jewelry do the talking. Or maybe you’re all about that groovy vibe – in that case, pair it with platform sandals and a crochet top that screams retro chic. For those days … Continue reading Dazzle in Denim

Lilac Dreams

Lilac has gracefully taken the fashion world by storm, captivating the creative inspiration of fashion enthusiasts and designers alike. This soft pastel shade, nestled between lavender and pale purple, effortlessly complements various clothing pieces, accessories and makeup looks. Whether it’s a flowing dress exuding whimsical elegance or a tailored suit radiating confidence, lilac purple adds a touch of grace and sophistication to any ensemble. Embrace … Continue reading Lilac Dreams

Throwing Extra Shade

Diving headfirst into this season’s biggest trend, we find ourselves in a world of statement hats. As I’ve mentioned time and again, accessories possess a magical quality, effortlessly elevating even the most basic of outfits. And now, these remarkable headpieces are becoming bigger and more dramatic than ever before! Cowboy hats, wide-brim styles, bucket hats, and floppy hats are taking center stage, captivating both the … Continue reading Throwing Extra Shade

woman with dark hair, sunglasses and blue lipstick in a rainbow sweater


It’s official…fashion has gone over the rainbow. Dazzling Rainbows Steal the Spotlight: Embrace the Retro Glam of the 70s! Prepare to be mesmerized as rainbows take the fashion world by storm, gracing the catwalks and flooding our Instagram feeds with kaleidoscopic delight. This sensational 70s-inspired trend has transcended all boundaries, covering every fashion element from rainbow knits, tees, and dresses to eye-catching accessories and even … Continue reading TASTE THE RAINBOW

Silky Smooth: Adding Silk Scarves to your Wardrobe

Summer’s hottest closet staple and favorite vacation piece this season is the silk scarf. Silk Scarves are HOT this Summer! It’s safe to say the silk scarf has been trending for centuries and it’s fashionably making its way around the runways, celebrities and influencers all over the internet. The silk scarf is being used in more ways than one. Besides the three styles shown in … Continue reading Silky Smooth: Adding Silk Scarves to your Wardrobe

woman and man in leather shirt and dress with black sweaters

Fashion: END GAME

As we all ready for this crazy year to be over, let’s end it with all things we love in fashion. Leather and Plaid in the New Year Leather, plaid, slip dresses… and as we approach the cooler weather, let’s welcome sweaters and turtlenecks. These are great looks to wear to any holiday party, event or even date night out on the town.  GET THE … Continue reading Fashion: END GAME


Cropped blazers are a thing this fall 2020, and I’m not even mad. I’m not saying toss out your slouchy oversized blazer, because I’m a big fan and they continue to reign. Top online style-setters and designers are proving that this trend is the season’s fashion must-have. The cropped blazer can easily be coordinated into your wardrobe and elevate any look. So, while we wait … Continue reading BLAZE THE CRAZE

double image of woman in black sheer top with shiny black pants looking at phone and drinking coffee


Sheer is here and is having a major moment this fall. Fall Fashion in Florida Sheer isn’t just for swimsuit covers or a night out on the town. Designers are switching up the styling of this lovely fabric and giving it a modern fix making it easy to incorporate it into our daytime wardrobe. I’ve seen this trend in many different styles such as sleeve … Continue reading SHEER IS HERE…