person riding motorcycle during golden hour

Biker Trouble

The Local Curmudgeon: Biker Trouble by Rodney Johnson Note from the Editor: This is the final installment of The Local Curmudgeon, written by Rodney Johnson. Thank you, Rodney, for making us laugh with your hilarious stories. Rest in peace.  Standing in his driveway, Hal, my neighbor, said, “I think I’m in trouble with some biker gang.” Standing in my driveway, with a garden hose in … Continue reading Biker Trouble

Of Lovebugs and Pickup Trucks

By the Local Curmudgeon “I don’t believe this guy.” “What?” my wife said. She watched me as I looked, bug-eyed, into the rear-view mirror. “This guy tailgating us. Any closer and the bastard will be in our backseat.” “Just watch the road. Here’s the turn into Walmart.” She ordered. She orders me a lot, which is fine. Saves me time from having to think. I … Continue reading Of Lovebugs and Pickup Trucks