Volusia County Summer Camps

This information is evolving and will be updated as more info and events become available. Information has been provided by the city, county or by individual event pages. If you have any questions, please direct them to the organizers of the camps. Camps have been posted as open at time of posting, but may fill up soon without notice. Follow the links below the listings … Continue reading Volusia County Summer Camps

teens against blue wall in homemade face coverings

How Are Your Kids Coping During COVID-19?

I’ve always looked forward to having a great relationship with my children, bonus kids and youth that I encounter on a daily basis. Over the past year, I’ve noticed that so many of our youth were not as happy or engaged. I am a strong believer in them finding a safe space to express and relieve some of the stress of everyday life. Our youth … Continue reading How Are Your Kids Coping During COVID-19?

FAC Honors Local Libraries

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing temporary library closures in March and creating an uncertain future, the Volusia County Public Library was faced with a challenge: how to keep children reading and engaged during summer vacation and beyond. The librarians from the children’s and teen sections put on their thinking caps and envisioned a contact-free library system. They had their work cut out for them. Not … Continue reading FAC Honors Local Libraries

INSIDE LOOK: Riverside Conservancy

Flooding, shoreline erosion and extreme weather negatively affect Florida’s natural resources, livelihood and the health of coastal and inland communities. Throughout Florida’s estuaries and rivers, polluted runoff has contributed to harmful algal blooms and threatened the quality of life of riverfront communities. Riverside Conservancy helps meet the need of providing vibrant/resilient communities, combating stormwater pollution, increasing coastal resource stewardship opportunities, and providing special places and … Continue reading INSIDE LOOK: Riverside Conservancy

Right Coast Wahine: Art

Art is completely therapeutic. It is a way to express yourself without even having to use words and can help your mind escape from everything else that’s around you. Art is used to communicate all sorts of things like political or philosophical ideas and can even help open people’s minds to new things. In school, I am learning that the elements of art are known … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Art

Right Coast Wahine: Skateboarding

The water’s already chilly and some mornings I can see my breath. Finally, the perfect time for me to whip out the skateboards and practice on something new! I’ve been taking the time lately to hit up some of the local skateparks to pick up some new things. Anytime I’m bored or I am in the mood to learn more, I take out my skateboard … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Skateboarding

Right Coast Wahine: Mixed Martial Arts

I’ve been steadily going to Martial Fitness almost every day after school to learn the art of fighting. When I first gave it a try, I told myself I wouldn’t like it, but somehow I love it. For this month, I decided to interview one of my boxing coaches, Billy Walters, to look more into his mind and journey.  Q: How long have you been … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Mixed Martial Arts

Right Coast Wahine: Evacuation Vacation

So, we’ve all heard of Dorian by now – the big category five hurricane that ripped its way through the Bahamas. While we were thankful we didn’t get hit, it was still too risky to stay, so my family and I decided to take a little vacation to Fort Myers Beach.  We love a good road trip and enjoy traveling up and down the state … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Evacuation Vacation

Right Coast Wahine: Back to School

Summer has finally come to an end and a new adventure has begun. Yes, school’s back in session! I’m finally a freshman (what, what!) and that means no more Florida Virtual School online, I’m back to public school!  I’ve only been in school for a month and it’s so much different from homeschooling. For one, public school isn’t as much typing and computer activities as … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Back to School