Write Your Life

Stress is an underlying cause that can be attributed to disease, depression and a plethora of physical, mental, emotional and financial woes. I would like to offer you an alternative method to combat the effects of stress. This unique strategy involves writing. Writing and Stress Relief So often we internalize the things that bother us most, allowing them to create internal strife until, at some … Continue reading Write Your Life

Right Coast Wahine: Art

Art is completely therapeutic. It is a way to express yourself without even having to use words and can help your mind escape from everything else that’s around you. Art is used to communicate all sorts of things like political or philosophical ideas and can even help open people’s minds to new things. In school, I am learning that the elements of art are known … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Art

Right Coast Wahine: Skateboarding

The water’s already chilly and some mornings I can see my breath. Finally, the perfect time for me to whip out the skateboards and practice on something new! I’ve been taking the time lately to hit up some of the local skateparks to pick up some new things. Anytime I’m bored or I am in the mood to learn more, I take out my skateboard … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Skateboarding

Right Coast Wahine: Mixed Martial Arts

I’ve been steadily going to Martial Fitness almost every day after school to learn the art of fighting. When I first gave it a try, I told myself I wouldn’t like it, but somehow I love it. For this month, I decided to interview one of my boxing coaches, Billy Walters, to look more into his mind and journey.  Q: How long have you been … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Mixed Martial Arts

Right Coast Wahine: Evacuation Vacation

So, we’ve all heard of Dorian by now – the big category five hurricane that ripped its way through the Bahamas. While we were thankful we didn’t get hit, it was still too risky to stay, so my family and I decided to take a little vacation to Fort Myers Beach.  We love a good road trip and enjoy traveling up and down the state … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Evacuation Vacation

Right Coast Wahine: Back to School

Summer has finally come to an end and a new adventure has begun. Yes, school’s back in session! I’m finally a freshman (what, what!) and that means no more Florida Virtual School online, I’m back to public school!  I’ve only been in school for a month and it’s so much different from homeschooling. For one, public school isn’t as much typing and computer activities as … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Back to School

Right Coast Wahine: Summer Travels

This summer I had the chance to switch things up a bit. Instead of staying in my hometown, I traveled out west to New Mexico to see my best friend, Mianda, who recently moved there and to have an adventure in a place I’ve never been.  Colorado was by far my favorite state we went through! I was lucky enough to visit Mesa Verde National … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Summer Travels

Right Coast Wahine: Wakeskating

Summer is finally here – whoop, whoop! These past few weeks, the ocean has turned into a big lake. Barely any waves to surf, so in my free time when I’m not at fight class or swimming in the ocean, I’ve had the chance to take out the boat and work on my wakeskating skills.  Wakeskating is similar to surfing and skating, but also very … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Wakeskating

Right Coast Wahine: Four-Wheeling

People always ask me, “What do you do in Kentucky?” Well…there’s no ocean to ride waves, but there are endless amounts of land to rip!  I love cruising around on my four wheeler whether it’s riding through the rocky trails, through the mud puddles or through the creek. Having the wind blow in my hair as everything blasts by is just the best feeling.  When … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Four-Wheeling

Right Coast Wahine: Horseback Riding

This month I decided to try something a little out of my element. Instead of packing up my surfboard and putting on my bathing suit, I grabbed my jeans and Adidas, and for the first time in four years, went horseback riding. I had an amazing time and here’s my adventure. When we first arrived at the horse stalls we had to sign in and … Continue reading Right Coast Wahine: Horseback Riding