A Fresh Outlook in 2022

Going into every new year we all start off on a positive note. The way I start is how I “try” to finish the year. It sets the tone for the months ahead. I’ve noticed that sometimes we get caught up in things that carried over from last year. I’ve found that if I let it go, the benefit is greater than what I was … Continue reading A Fresh Outlook in 2022

woman frustrated holding head with man next to her on couch

Can Your Marriage Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic?

I have friends that work and live together 24/7 and seem to do just fine. My husband and I have lived where we work several times over our 39 years of marriage. It’s not always a picnic, but it works for us.  We were really proud of ourselves during the lockdown. No arguments. We got along beautifully. Had long talks about our future and things … Continue reading Can Your Marriage Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic?

woman wearing prism glasses casting pink tint on face

The Recipe of Love

We are about to be surrounded with the annual celebration of love.  For those who are wanting, looking, perhaps even searching for love, here are the “ingredients of life” you can focus on.  A weekly infusion of live music  A regular visit to your personal place of serenity  A daily dose of personal worthiness  A sprinkle of positive expectations  Eagerly watch daily for glimpses of … Continue reading The Recipe of Love

One Person in the World

With over 7.7 billion people in the world, how could so many believe that there is just one person meant for them? One true love. One soulmate. Two people that find each other, through serendipity, and promise to love only that person for the rest of their lives. We may spend years searching for that one love. Some are fortunate to find him/her early in … Continue reading One Person in the World