woman in purple sweater cuddling kitten outdoors in cold

Pet Lifestyle: Winter Prevention

Q: “My husband and I spend the winters here in New Smyrna and the summers up in Michigan. We bring our sweet baby, Peanut, a Peek-a-Poo with us. When we lived up north during the winter we never needed to keep him on flea or heartworm medications, but have been told he needs it down here in Florida even during the winter. Is this really … Continue reading Pet Lifestyle: Winter Prevention

Is my Pet Overweight?

Q: “Help! My cat, Mr. Purr Pants, is so fat! He doesn’t exercise and justlays around the house or just looks out the window. He doesn’t eat a lot and only occasionally gets treats. I heard being overweight can make him sick. How can I make him lose weight?” A: Poor Mr. Purr Pants, you are not alone! This is unfortunately a very common issue … Continue reading Is my Pet Overweight?

corgi running by pool

Pool Safety for Your Pet

Pet Safety Around the Water Last month we had a great question regarding safety for dogs at the beach. As a follow up this month we will delve deeper into overall swimming and pool safety for our canine friends. Being aware of potential dangers and setting up for a fun experience will help make outdoor water activities an enjoyable time for all involved. Can Your … Continue reading Pool Safety for Your Pet

dog and little girl at beach

Pet Swimming Safety

Pets and Water Safety Q: “My dog, Grady James, loves coming to the beach with us every weekend. Sometimes he has diarrhea and acts sick afterward. I heard that the water can be bad for dogs. Is this something I should be concerned with?” Caitie – dog parent, NSB A: We are incredibly lucky to live in an area that allows us to enjoy the … Continue reading Pet Swimming Safety