How To Festival

Coming soon to a library YouTube channel near you! Local experts, hobbyists and librarians will share their passions and offer instructions during 24 free, online programs offered on May 1 and 2. This year’s How-to Festival will be presented virtually with a collection of how-to videos created by library staff. Round up your family and learn something new together! Participants can pick up tips on how … Continue reading How To Festival

Swiss List: Don’t Gift So Close To Me

2020 has put us all through the ringer so far. COVID, riots, freaking losing Kobe, and I guess murder hornets were a thing. I don’t know about you, but I am over it. Unfortunately, we can all be annoyed as we want but here we are just the same. Quarantine has changed things whether we like it or not. A lot of folks are still … Continue reading Swiss List: Don’t Gift So Close To Me

County Launches Animal Abuse Listing

Last month, the county introduced a new online tool intended to protect animals from falling victim to abusive owners. Volusia County Government has launched an animal abuse listing on the Animal Services page of the county’s website beginning May 28. The purpose of the listing is to make shelters and other adoption agencies aware of someone’s criminal history as it relates to animals. The animal … Continue reading County Launches Animal Abuse Listing

Take My Money

By Katie Swiss Britt Online shopping is amazing and dangerous. It’s so comfy. You can fully spree your butt off all while wearing no pants. That would not fly at the mall. Please wear clothes to the mall or you will most likely get picked up by the folks in blue. You don’t have to empty the bank account to get some great stuff. Amazon, … Continue reading Take My Money