I have learned lots of new words in the past year and a half. Today, Pandemi-kini (a combination of pandemic and bikini) is my gift word for you.  Summer is here and it’s time to get your swimsuit out or shop for a new one. This is not my favorite thing. I bought a purple bikini for my husband’s eyes only. It can be found … Continue reading Pandemi-kini

Pexels - smiling woman with curly hair waving into computer camera

Think Yourself Well

You would be kidding yourself if you thought you weren’t emotionally affected in some way by the anxiety and fears we are all forced to deal with right now. What we all need to do is more self-care. Stop the inner guilt trips about eating or drinking a little too much or watching too many movies or playing on your computer. We are all in … Continue reading Think Yourself Well

The Good Old Days

Do you ever think back to when you were a kid and what you used to do for fun? It seems like life was easier. It didn’t take a bunch of expensive toys and video games to keep you entertained. My parents made it easy for us; they would say, “Either you go find something to do, or we will find something for you to … Continue reading The Good Old Days

Yaupon Brothers Supports Feeding Florida with Quarantine Kits

Yaupon Brothers American Tea Company launched a “Quarantine Survival Kit” that promotes health, wellness and social distancing while also supporting the hungry in our community through donations to Feeding Florida. Yaupon Brothers American Tea Company Launches Quarantine Survival Kit That Also Feeds the Hungry The Quarantine Survival Kit includes a canister of their antioxidant-rich, yaupon holly tea, a bottle of the Yaupon Brothers’ lavender coconut … Continue reading Yaupon Brothers Supports Feeding Florida with Quarantine Kits