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Think Yourself Well

You would be kidding yourself if you thought you weren’t emotionally affected in some way by the anxiety and fears we are all forced to deal with right now. What we all need to do is more self-care. Stop the inner guilt trips about eating or drinking a little too much or watching too many movies or playing on your computer. We are all in … Continue reading Think Yourself Well

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What is Really Important?

I looked up last years’ January title of my article, and found it very thought provoking: “Will 2020 Give You the Gift of Sight?” Like everyone else, I had no idea what 2020 had in mind for our world and for every person in it.  What Did 2020 Give You? Just one issue from a long list of terrifying situations would have been hard enough … Continue reading What is Really Important?

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State-run COVID-19 testing extended through January

Thanks to the state and the City of New Smyrna Beach, COVID-19 testing provided by the Florida Division of Emergency Management will continue through Jan. 31. The site, located at the City Gym, 1000 Live Oak St., New Smyrna Beach, was initially scheduled to close at the end of the month. COVID-19 Testing Available Through January in Volusia County “We’re just so thankful for the … Continue reading State-run COVID-19 testing extended through January

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A Very Different Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’ve had to do some major soul searching to come to terms with this year’s family holidays. I’ve had to come to terms with this year, period. I won’t be spending it with my children, my grandchildren or friends. Poor me.  That’s one way to think about it, or I can completely change my attitude, and discover new possibilities. New Ways to … Continue reading A Very Different Thanksgiving

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Can Your Marriage Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic?

I have friends that work and live together 24/7 and seem to do just fine. My husband and I have lived where we work several times over our 39 years of marriage. It’s not always a picnic, but it works for us.  We were really proud of ourselves during the lockdown. No arguments. We got along beautifully. Had long talks about our future and things … Continue reading Can Your Marriage Survive the Togetherness of a Pandemic?

The Fate of 2020 Biketoberfest

On Wednesday evening, September 9, 2020, the Daytona Beach City Commission voted on the fate of the upcoming Biketoberfest event, held annually in Daytona Beach. The commission had concerns over whether or not to allow the event to be held this year, due to COVID-19. According to, “Biketoberfest is not one event, but a collection of activities that take place at venues and businesses … Continue reading The Fate of 2020 Biketoberfest

New Grandparents in 2020

My grandson, David Banks, was born in June. A total of five grandparents, with great excitement and anticipation for their children, who were about to be first-time new parents, was at an all-time high.  Due to COVID-19, it was very difficult for me and the other grandparents, and one excited aunt, to be forbidden inside the hospital at all. This little guy was my fourth … Continue reading New Grandparents in 2020

Census Takers Will Hit the Streets in August

Starting in mid-August, census takers across the nation will visit homes that haven’t responded to the 2020 Census. So far, 62.8 percent of Volusia County residents have completed their census questionnaires, so that means census takers will visit up to 78,000 households in Volusia County alone. Don’t want a knock on your door? If you respond online or by phone today, a census taker is … Continue reading Census Takers Will Hit the Streets in August

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VCS to Allow Shortened Schedule for Qualified Seniors

Volusia County Schools strongly believes that all students can achieve and be successful. A seven-period day provides the opportunity for students to graduate college and career ready. Due to the COVID-19 situation, Volusia County Schools is working with high school seniors to allow a shortened schedule for the 2020-2021 school year, if they qualify. To be eligible to participate in the shortened school day for … Continue reading VCS to Allow Shortened Schedule for Qualified Seniors