Backwater Report

All Text & Photos Provided by Patrick “Tupat” Eichstaedt | @TheRealTupat

As we transition into fall, September has proven to be an eventful month for the diverse fish species inhabiting the backwaters. Our fishing experiences have been shaped by the ebb and flow of tides, with a few good days of low tides, followed by more high tide days. Abundant baitfish like finger mullet, mud guppies of considerable size, and schools of greenies have enriched our angling endeavors. In addition to natural bait, artificial lures from Nasty Strikes Baits and Henn Lures have proven successful. Particularly, the white-colored paddle tails, shrimp imitations, and minnow-style plastics have been favored by our backwater friends.

I decided to linger at a spot that I usually pass through quickly, opting to use live bait instead of artificial or topwater lures. This choice paid off with a remarkable three-day streak of landing some substantial redfish. Throughout the month, topwater plugs have also yielded results, although I admit I lost more fish than I managed to hook. When it comes to topwater plug colors, my preferences lean towards bone, gray, and neon yellow.

My fishing companion, Dave McKinnon, had an exciting encounter when he sight-casted a redfish feeding near a backwater oyster bar, using the white Nasty Strike paddle tail. Dave, a skilled angler, is gradually mastering the art of sight-casting in the backwaters.

Another memorable experience took place during an evening session with my neighbor, Rob Vella, right behind my house at sunset. We both had the pleasure of landing some substantial redfish. Personally, I had success with the outgoing tide, catching a variety of smaller trout thanks to the Henn shrimp lure.

Finally, my lovely lady, Rachel Vause, achieved a remarkable feat at our wading spot, which I have coined, “Rachel’s.” She landed a stunning redfish using a live mullet, circle hook, and a few BB weights. As we anticipate the forthcoming flood tides, we remain vigilant for the telltale signs of baitfish activity, promising more incredible fishing adventures in the near future.

Until next issue… Cast ‘em, Hook ‘em and Catch ‘em!

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Ponce Inlet October Tide Chart

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