Backwater Report

All Text & Photos Provided by Patrick “Tupat” Eichstaedt | @TheRealTupat

Amidst hurricane season and scorching weather, we find ourselves in the midst of some of the most remarkable fishing experiences I’ve encountered in years. The backwaters have transformed into a haven of bait and a multitude of ravenous fish. Schools of redfish are congregating, while the snook are unleashing their voracious appetites on anything that catches their eye!

With these low tides, the redfish have been masterfully navigating the banks, ceaselessly on the prowl for their next meal. I was even fortunate enough to witness a mesmerizing sight: a redfish emerging from the water onto a sandy bank to indulge in a fiddler crab feast. It was a scene right out of the backwater matrix! Countless exhilarating topwater hookups have graced my days, although not without a fair share of unfortunate break-offs.

Joining me in this angling adventure is my trusty pal, Dave McKinnon, who’s been on an absolute tear lately. He triumphantly landed a massive, oversized redfish using a mud guppy lure. The mud guppy population is thriving, and it has firmly secured its place as my go-to live bait option. These little gems can be located in the shallows during low tide within the creeks.

As September arrives, the fishing action promises to remain as electrifying as ever. For an optimal setup, I recommend employing a topwater plug with 20-pound braid and a 30-pound leader. Additionally, I’ve had great success with a jig head paired with a Nasty Strike’s bait paddletail, preferably in a vibrant white hue. And of course, I always keep a live bait rig on standby for the deeper holes and open water flats where the grander fish tend to lurk.

Until next issue… Cast ‘em, Hook ‘em and Catch ‘em!

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Ponce Inlet September Tide Chart

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