Fishaholic: July Report

Captain Austin here once again bringing you the fishing report for the New Smyrna Beach area.

It’s tarpon time here! If you are like me, tarpon are an addiction. I wait all year for the conditions to get just right to target these silver gladiators. What’s not to like about these amazing fish? They get well over 100 pounds, they jump like crazy and pound-for-pound are one of the strongest fish anywhere. Perhaps the most interesting fact about tarpon is that they have been around since the time of the dinosaurs – about 120 million years ago!

In our area, it’s possible to catch tarpon all year, however, the summer and fall months are by far the best. For as incredible as they are, tarpon can be the MOST difficult fish to hook and land! Sure, there are times
when all you have to do is throw a bait in the water and it gets engulfed instantly, but more often than not you really have to work for your bites. Here in our area you can catch them in the intracoastal, inside the inlet and my favorite – off the beach. The most consistent bait to use is live bait like mullet, pinfish, croakers, shrimp and crabs.

Fishing in the backwaters and the creeks has been truly amazing when you fish in the right conditions. Along with the weather, the tide plays a vital role in your success. Top water lures are scoring big right now and if watching a redfish or snook blow up on the surface doesn’t wake you up in the morning, I don’t know what will.

One thing that everyone is raving about is the water conditions (pictured top right). It seems the water is clearer than it has been in years and this is translating into better fishing. We are seeing the return of seagrass in many areas and with that, the critters that thrive in the grass.

Back in the intracoastal and inlet area, the snook and redfish bite has been solid and this should continue. On days when the weather cooperates, fishing a few miles of the beach can produce action with all kinds of fish and my clients enjoy the variety of catching everything from snapper to bonito. Speaking of snapper, Governor DeSantis opened the season from June 16 to July 31.

As always, we’d love to take you out fishing but our availability is limited so please don’t wait till the last second to call to book a charter! Until next month… good luck out on the water.

Ponce Inlet July Tide Chart

Capt. Austin Campbell
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