Roadtrippers: The Ultimate App for Planning Your Next Summer Adventure

Summer is the perfect time to hit the open road and explore new places with family and friends. But planning a road trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming, with so many destinations to choose from and attractions to see along the way. That’s where Roadtrippers comes in.

Roadtrippers is an app that helps you plan your road trip by finding all the best attractions, restaurants, accommodations and so much more along your route. It’s available on almost any device and can also be accessed on a computer. It has been a go to for many avid road-trippers for years, myself included.

The first step in using Roadtrippers is to input your start and end address, and choose your route. Once you have your basic itinerary set up, you can start adding waypoints. These can be anything from quirky roadside attractions, national parks, or popular restaurants. One thing to note is that the free version of Roadtrippers has limits on how many waypoints you can add to your trip. However, for those who use the app frequently like myself, it’s worth upgrading for $29.99 for the year to unlock more features.

One of the best features of Roadtrippers is the ability to see reviews of other users who have been to the same places, which can be really helpful in deciding where to stop. It also estimates the time it takes to get to the next point and provides easy directions.

Another great feature is the ability to explore places within a set distance from your route. This makes it easy to discover hidden gems and must-see spots that you may not have known about otherwise. Plus, it includes an instant fuel cost estimation, which is helpful for budgeting your trip.

I particularly love Roadtrippers because of the convenience it provides while on the road. I rented an RV for spring break one year and traveled throughout Florida, staying in State Parks along the way. With Roadtrippers, we were able to easily find attractions and restaurants that were RV-friendly and plan our route accordingly.

Roadtrippers also syncs your saved places with your phone for seamless navigation with your favorite maps app, making it easy to follow your itinerary on the go.

Overall, it is an incredibly useful tool for anyone planning a road trip. It makes the planning process fun and easy, and can even enhance your travel experience by discovering hidden gems along the way. So, hit the open road and start exploring this summer.


Tiffany Evers is the editor and co-owner of East Coast Current magazine. In 2014 she was recognized by Editor & Publisher Magazine as one of the “25 Under 35” innovators in the newspaper industry. She currently serves on the Chair of the Recreational and Cultural Services Advisory Board for the City of Edgewater.

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